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Jun. 2nd, 2011 01:11 am
prodigy: A parody Choose Your Own Adventure book cover with the title "Gay Viking Holiday." (H/M bringin' sexy back)

 [personal profile] prodigy  12:48 am
    also, homestuck is a crappily animated and long-winded flash-based comic about 13-year-old computer game players
    so i don't even know where the elitism comes from
 [personal profile] kaianos  1:00 am
    ... *really sort of helplessly amused* i'm talking to the friend who really likes it
    *snorting* she's willing to bribe you into reading the rest of it
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:04 am
    what currency does she take?  i take bribes
 [personal profile] kaianos  1:04 am
    or rather she's willing to bribe me and has deemed you undeserving
    *snort* i'm tempted to take it and pass the money on
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:05 am
    how could she possibly know enough about me to know i'm undeserving?
    i'll have her know i'm very deserving
    i deserve lots of things
    people tell me that all the time
[personal profile] kaianos  1:07 am
    [Poor Sucker]: hahahaha okay fine i'll paypal him 10 bucks to read through the whole thing
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:07 am
    that seems like a really cheap bribe to me
    like, if she really cared about homestuck she would at least be willing to shell out $20
[personal profile] kaianos  1:08 am
    [Poor Sucker]: lollllll ugh
    [Poor Sucker]: okay fine 20 -_-
    [Poor Sucker]: haha
    i am dying of laughter here i will have you know
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:09 am
    i just need to find more homestuck fans before they talk to each other and extort similar bribes
    and then skim the wiki, say i finished it and that i'm a believer
    then go fix my car and get a mojito



[personal profile] kaianos  1:12 am
    [01:11] [Poor Sucker]: doesnt homestuck get exponentially better after the beginning?   
    [01:11] [Poor Sucker]: to the point its insanely godly amazing?
    [01:11] [Third-Party Consultant]: Uh yes.
    [01:11] [Third-Party Consultant]: Even I'll admit it.
    [01:11] [Poor Sucker]: and dont you agree that people should keep reading as a former hater of it?
    [01:12] [Third-Party Consultant]: Yes. -.- grudgingly 

 [personal profile] prodigy  1:13 am
    are we seriously getting outside opinions here?
    because if so, they've surely got another $10 for my pot

All I care about is love.




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