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2012 edit: this was due for an update.  Hi everyone!  Feel free to add me and say hi here if I don't know you, or if we haven't spoken in a while; I like adding new people, I just like talking to them first!

Public: Assorted things.  Gifs.

Locked: A lot of stuff, my access filter is not exactly a treasure trove of secrets and personal information, so if you want to be on it just lemme know.

Private: To-do lists.  Posts checking the formatting of extremely long stories and their cut-tags in the two minutes before I post them.

That probably about covers it.  Being the kind of person who checks phone email at important meetings, I am pretty much always reachable.  I hate scallions, though, so please don't try to get me to friend you, scallion_fans.

If you really want to hang out, though, you probably want my Tumblr.
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Hello, generous Chocolate Box writer! Thank you so much for writing for me; this is my first Chocolate Box and I'm very much looking forward to it. :D I don't really hang out on DW, but I can be found on AO3 at [ profile] prodigy. I'm including fandom-nonspecific likes and dislikes here, but if you're interested in more of my general tastes you can find previous exchange letters under my Yuletide tag.


- Angst, drama, and conflict
- Personal history; characters that know each other incredibly well, whether they would like to or not
- Fraught power dynamics
- Hurt/comfort
- Happy, unhappy, and bittersweet endings (depending on the pairing)
- Enemies to lovers, lovers to enemies, and iterations of this process
- Noncon and dubcon (depending on the pairing)
- Rough sex
- Unresolved sexual tension
- Canon-divergent AUs
- Time loops
- Family and group dynamics


- Unrequested ships
- Ritualized/modern/"safe" BDSM (safewords, etc.)
- Underage sex
- Genderbends or gender headcanons
- Setting AUs (college, coffeeshop, historical, etc.)


Star Wars Prequel Trilogy )

Lymond Chronicles )

Fate/Zero )
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Hi, Yuletide writer! Thank you so much in advance for writing for me, I deeply look forward to whatever you have in store. ♥ I've been around the Yuletide block several times and you can find my previous letters here if you're interested. I'm pretty easy, and my preferences haven't changed that much.

My AO3 name is [ profile] prodigy. You can find me on Tumblr at [ profile] ourlightsinvain or consult my good friend [personal profile] relia/[ profile] lifecrystals if you're interested in scoping out my tastes.

I like: all ratings; happy and unhappy endings; romance; explicit sex and porn in non-PWP stories; gothic, horror-, and suspense-themed stories; canon-typical casefic and self-contained plots; linear and nonlinear storytelling; humor, including in dark and dramatic situations; canon-divergent AUs; pre-canon and backstory fic; interactive fiction; uneven and fraught power dynamics; worldbuilding.

I don't like: PWP; fluff or domesticity fic; setting-based AUs (college, historical, etc.); crossovers and fusions.

I'm opting into Crueltide and IF, which will both be links when they're up!

Fate/Zero )

Lackadaisy )

Alien: Covenant )
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Hi Yuletide writer! First, thank you so much in advance for writing for me, and I hope you enjoy your Yuletide to the fullest. I haven’t been very active on Dreamwidth for years, but if you’re interested in finding out more about me or my fandom interests, I’m on Tumblr at ourlightsinvain -- or you can feel free to consult my good friend [personal profile] relia/lifecrystals if you have any additional questions.

My AO3 name is prodigy and my previous Yuletide letters can be found here. But honestly, I’m pretty easy, so don’t worry about it!

I like: all ratings; first, second, and third-person POVs; past and present tense; linear and non-linear storytelling; canon divergence AUs; backstory and post-canon fic; humor, even or especially in dark fic; angst and tragedy and darkness (with or without a happy ending); uneven power dynamics; explicit sex and porn in a non-PWP story; families and friendships; imaginative worldbuilding.

I don’t like: PWP; crossovers and fusions; setting-based AUs (college AUs, historical AUs, etc.); fluff.

Other preferences: I love shipfic, especially for the ships I’ve requested, but feel free to include other pairings if I haven’t specifically asked otherwise. I adore interactive fiction and would be delighted to receive it for any of my prompts. For Crueltide: I love darkfic and I think the request of mine that best suits it this year is Ex Machina -- see below if interested. Please don’t feel limited to that fandom, however! If darkness strikes your fancy for any of my prompts, I’d be very happy.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke )

Lymond Chronicles - Dorothy Dunnett )

Ex Machina (2015) )

トーマの心臓 | Thomas no Shinzou | The Heart of Thomas )
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Hello, Yuletide writer! Hello, journal I use once a year! Thank you so much in advance for writing for me--I'm tremendously excited for the results. First off, don't sweat it, no pressure, and everything of that nature: if you have an idea you're passionate about that bends or breaks one of the preferences I express in this letter, I'd much rather read the fic you want to write than the fic I envisioned. You can consult my AO3 account and my Tumblr for more information about me and my likes. If you have any further questions, feel free to consult my friend [personal profile] relia or the mods, as suits you.

I like: plot and character arcs; canon-divergence what-if AUs; humor, whether wry and bittersweet or screwball; family relationships and friendships; politics (in the sense of in-universe maneuvering); adventure and hijinks; angst and bad things and tragedy (where applicable); world and backstory development.

I'm not so into: fluff; pure introspection; PWP.

As for other preferences: I love interactive fiction! I normally am all down with Crueltide but I don't know if any of my prompts suit it this year--if some particularly nasty idea gets into your head, though, go for it, I don't have any particular squicks. As for Yuleporn, I'm totally fine with and happy with sex being incorporated into the fic at large, but I don't necessarily like PWP, as I said.

Lymond Chronicles )

Hamilton )

80 Days )
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Hello Yuletide writer! Thank you in advance for writing for me and don’t sweat it! I don’t have much to say about my general taste in fic: I have an AO3 account with some recentish stuff and some outdated and embarrassing stuff. I update my Tumblr the most, which you can find here.

I like: plot and character arcs; angst and darkness cut with humor and/or humor cut with angst and darkness; canon divergence what-if AUs; bittersweetness; fraught multishipping and the occasional love polygon; invented and expanded backstories; invented and expanded worldbuilding; pre- and post-canon fic.

I don’t like: PWP; pure fluff or curtainfic; slice-of-life or sheer introspection generally.

Fate/Zero )

Lymond Chronicles )

Regeneration )

Johannes Cabal )
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello and apologies that this letter's so late-- I got your message through the mods, please excuse my tardiness due to IRL busyness. Thank you in advance for putting this much thought into writing me a gift I'll like! I'm sure it'll be great and I hope you have fun writing it and don't stress too much.

If you've read my letter from last year or previous years, then you already know some general stuff. Not much has changed in that department, except that the kinds of requests I have this year may lend themselves to different things-- you can still find me on Tumblr at ourlightsinvain where I update a lot more than I do here.

A couple words on dark content and triggers and other stuff: several of these are at least semi-horror canons, several are violent, and one contains an at least borderline-abusive, if not straight-up abusive relationship. I wanted to say you can consider yourself to have basically carte blanche on violence, horror, abuse, and such to your discretion as suits the canon of each--I don't really have fic triggers and as long as everything is properly marked I'd be happy to receive IC darkfic. More details on how that applies to the individual canons below.

I'm also open to fic of any rating--I might put a comment on the Yuleporn post saying so, but it mostly just applies to my BioShock: Infinite request. More on that in its section. But basically, if you have an idea for something but it involves content you're worried about, go ahead-- I read body horror, guro, dubcon and noncon, and a bunch of other stuff in that vein, so I wouldn't worry about putting me off, if it suits the story. I'm not sure that'll come up much with my particular requests, but I figured I'd let you know. Also, if you're not interested in writing darkfic whatsoever don't worry about it-- that's not a request, just a disclaimer.

Onto the requests! I have them all blacked out in spoiler text since three of the canons came out just this year and ALMN would look, uh, lonely by itself.

American Elsewhere )

The Folly of the World )

A Little Night Music )

BioShock Infinite )

If you have any more questions, you can go through the mods or, alternately, feel free to ask my friend [personal profile] relia/lifecrystals, who knows my preferences fairly well. Thanks again for your interest and your efforts, and happy writing!
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Thanks for all thoughts and condolences on the subject of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week; it's slowly on the mend, I think, and hey, today was warm enough to go out without a hat. A day at the end of January where I actually feel like voluntarily taking a hatless walk counts as a victory, I think. ♥

I'm going to wait until another reading post is actually worthwhile before I make one, but I will always lament the dearth of men in Emma who are actually interesting enough for Emma Woodhouse. I may have a substantial pro-Emma bias, but I can never muster more than polite good will towards George Knightley. I think it's the age difference in their relationship, among other things; oh, well.

Oh! So, lovememe. I've... never actually done a lovememe, it's so contrary to my netsocialization (someday I will write an article on the subject of netsocialization for those of us young enough to have received a "netsocialization," and I promise it will be 500% less silly and facile than most of Slate's--or whoever it is that usually writes these articles--material about internet social norms!), but this one looks like fun so: [personal profile] staranise (which I keep reading as some iteration of the name "Stannis," oops) is doing a words and deeds-focused one and my thread is here.
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Stealing this from [personal profile] qian to give it a try!

What are you reading now?

I know [personal profile] themis will probably roll her eyes at my recurring insistence on braving the Byatt gauntlet despite her overwroughtness and obsession with playing out the same gender roles in fiction over and over, but... I can't help it, her prose style has a certain je ne sais quoi. So I just finished with "Morpho Eugenia" which--had a lot of Byatt weaknesses in it, like uncomfortable exotification of a non-English locale as a metaphorical backdrop for what the English characters are up to, and presenting heterosexuality with that same vaguely predatory, conquest-based framework from the man's perspective, and in general I didn't care for it. But we'll see how I feel about "The Conjugial Angel," which is the second half of Angels & Insects.

My other problem with "Morpho Eugenia" was the really boring and typical treatment of incest. I feel like incest in fiction, unless the story is About Incest in and of itself (and even then), always takes place between these two beautiful ciphers of people who just decide to start defying Westermarck just.. because... and outside the context of the kinds of toxic family environments in which these things actually transpire, and ignores that it's kind of one symptom that usually goes along with a whole syndrome of family dysfunction, not a sexy taboo act that springs out of nowhere. Then again, it's almost always a heavy-handed metaphor for something, or a lurid detail. Sigh.

I'm also reading Emma because I feel like it, which is, of course, much better. Emma Woodhouse! It's kind of fun to mentally exercise yourself trying to speculate what other literary characters she directly influenced.

What did you just finish reading? Apparently what I've read so far in 2013 has been:

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch: Fun! Great fun. I don't say that lightly, I do not generally find crime-procedural urban fantasy to be any fun whatsoever. But it's funny and upbeat and fairly creepy reading, actually, with a pretty horrific villain and supernatural conceit, and Peter Grant and Thomas Nightingale (I think he's a Thomas, anyway) are pretty endearing.
The Secret History by Donna Tartt: I... don't really understand this book's strange, melodramatic appeal, and yet I am sure I would and will reread it sometime. I think it has something to do with Francis. (There's a great YT fic called the mother of beauty from this year.)
The Bone Key by Sarah Monette: Collection of Kyle Murchison Booth stories, which I have finally gotten around to reading all of. They're... uneven overall, and variable, and have a tendency to be kind of anachronistic, and I don't really like how Monette writes women in her horror stories, it cleaves rather closely and without much subversion to many misogynistic horror tropes (and horror is basically a collection of misogynistic tropes). But I'd read more of them, I admit. I like "The Green Glass Paperweight" and "Drowning Palmer."
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter: One of those "things I never got around to reading in the stage in my development when I should've!" It's... good, although I think it suffers from some Seinfeld Is Unfunny for younger people like me through no fault of its own and due to the oversaturation of dark feminist fairytales in the past 10 years?
The Magician King by Lev Grossman: Aaaaaargh. Basically everything that was piss-annoying about Grossman as an author in The Magicians was amplified, and--you know, I actually liked The Magicians, in spite of my general desire to slap the male heterosexuality right out of Grossman's authorial perspective, but The Magician King was just a mess and went from bad to worse in how it treated women. Not good.
Cotillion by Georgette Heyer: Heyer's so all-over-the-place for me but this one was really, really fun. And hilarious.
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"He is blushing," said Jonathan Strange, raising his eyes from the newspaper. "We have come, Henry, with the sole purpose of seeing Miss Parbringer (of whom you write so much) and when we have seen her, we will go away again."

"Indeed? Well, I hope to invite Mrs Field and her niece to meet you at the earliest opportunity."

"Oh, there is no need to trouble yourself," said Strange, "for we have brought telescopes. We will stand at bedroom windows and spy her out, as she goes about the village."

Strange did indeed get up and go to the window as he spoke. "Henry," he said, "I like your church exceedingly. I like that little wall that goes around the building and the trees, and holds them all in tight. It makes the place look like a ship. If you ever get a good strong wind then church and trees will all sail off together to another place entirely."

Jonathan Strange is basically from another planet. This is why he is the best. Regency-set books are full of male characters who are irritating macho douchebags dark and brooding, or at best, manly and honorable (yawn); if only more of them were complete space cadets. He's like the lost, ginger Lovegood.
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Dad: Can yoyu translate "mutatis mutandis"?

me: yeah, it's an idiom - meaning, roughly, changing what is to be changed, or changing what must be changed
only the necessary changes

Dad: you googled it? :D

me: nah, but i didn't translate it either
i recognized it
so i can't really take the credit
taking a crack at the grammar from scratch though, it's not a complete sentence, but then again, most things like this aren't
it's like, a clause you'd put in a sentence about something else to qualify it
(it's funny you should ask, i'm reading a novel right now about greek/latin/classics students at a college)

Dad: can you translate "I came... I saw... I made bugs" ?

Me: haha okay
i don't know the declension for insectum off the top of my head, so i'm going to assume it's... 3rd, i think
veni, vidi, feci insecta
if you literally mean bugs as in the creepy crawlies
and not 'mistakes'

Dad: thanks :)

Me: perhaps if you're making a programming language
err, programming reference

Dad: yeah

Me: what you're looking for is veni, vidi, feci errata

Dad: "bugs" would be "defects"

Me: yeah, i'd go with errata

Dad: ok!

: ... later that same day...

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I actually drafted this post at like 5AM in a bout of sleeplessness and boredom, FYI, so hi from the stream of consciousness. Also, Happy New Year, all! I think it's 2013 everywhere. That's four different digits. Sure is fun up here, woop woop. Apple juice is tasty. I still have a cold.

Come to think of it, I wish my mom was around to make me tteokguk right now. Maybe I'll acquire some in Manhattan if anything is open today. I mean, I could always try and make ha ha, procure some on the lunar New Year, according to actual tradition, but we always ended up eating it on the solar New Year and sort of slinking off in the direction of Chinese celebrations come lunar because they throw grander parties and a Korean hates to be overshadowed. :P In conclusion: nooo come to me tteokguk whyyy

For Yuletide this year I ended up writing two pre-canon backstory fics:

For scuttlesworth: All Souls, Johannes Cabal, PG, Johannes Cabal & Horst Cabal, 8335 words: In which a German schoolboy misplaces his brother.

For [personal profile] relia: John Childermass's Last Employer, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, PG, John Childermass/Gilbert Norrell, 12574 words: To the city of York, in the year of our Lord 1780, there came a young man who had fallen upon hard times.

Both very different and challenging prompts. Thanks to [personal profile] nextian for beta on "Last Employer" and [personal profile] kaianos and [personal profile] corialis for beta on both fics; I really couldn't have done without you guys. ♥

ETA: I can't get [personal profile] kaianos's username right on literally any platform, apparently.
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Joyeux Noel to e'eryone who celebrates. ♥

For Yuletide this year I got a lovely, bittersweet little Scarlet Pimpernel fic, The Truth of Her Face. Thank you, nonnie!

The challenge seems to have gone off this year with hardly any hitches at all, aside from some on the participant end of things (whoa, that is a lot of defaulters); overall it's been great, however, and I hope everyone's having a good holiday season whether or not you participate.
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So how's everyone else's procrastination coming?
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 So I guess you've all probably heard enough about this if you follow me on any other social platforms, but I don't even caaaaare, I'm in that floaty bubble where you mostly have not started thinking about all the ways the BBC could mess up that thing you care about.

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So I've seen it before, but I was recently re-linked to ThinkGeek's $30,000 Iron Throne -- made of fiberglass, really, but honest advertising never got anyone anywhere. It's mindbogglingly expensive for a site that mostly sells novelty pens and mugs, of course, and kind of cutesily packaged with well-meaning joking malapropisms for flavor text (I'm not sure they remember what the iron price actually is, but okay). But I laughed, it was ridiculous enough. Oh, ThinkGeek, what a card, that sort of thing.

Then I'm like: wow, geek culture has gotten commercialized. The "Iron Throne" is a good example of that, but so is all of ThinkGeek honestly, and San Diego Comic-Con, and io9, and... everything, really. This is a really obvious yesterday observation that lots of people have made so I am not trying to make a new observation here, just pondering my own personal experience with it in the form of A Song of Ice and Fire fandom and how the experience of being a "fan" has changed since the advent of GoT.

I was about 13 when I first read A Game of Thrones. )
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi there, mysterious person! Thanks in advance for writing my Yuletide fic, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. I think I should let you know right off the bat that I am pretty damn easygoing about challenge and exchange fics: below and in the prompts I’ve listed what I had in mind requesting each fandom, but if you find yourself fired by a burst of inspiration that gives you a different idea, do it. \o/ I’m sure I’ll be thrilled.

I figure I’ll just list some stuff I generally like and don’t like in fic, to give you a better idea of my tastes! Keep in mind these are all totally optional and in fact not all of them are going to fit any given prompt or fandom, so please don’t stress about how to include a particular thing -- they’re meant to help you brainstorm! In addition, you can check out my AO3 account for fics I’ve written and bookmarked, my DW profile for some of my interests, and my Tumblr to watch me dick around for whatever reason.

… incidentally, this appears to be the year where I requested four different angst-and-tragedy prompts by coincidence so ahahaha sorry about that. Apparently this Yuletide is my Year of Starcrossedness. Also, as three out of four of my requests turned out to be recent novels, I’m putting them all behind individual cuts as well as highlight-to-read spoiler text, just in case. The Scarlet Pimpernel prompt is not actually spoilery, but it looked lonely all by itself.

Some stuff I generally like: well-deployed humor and banter, bittersweetness, plot!, backstory, fun and detailed settings, non-linear storytelling, linear storytelling, meta, realistic and non-glorified depictions of war and violence, romance, social or humanist themes, politics, sex (also BDSM and BDSM dynamics), AUs and AU interpretations, fic that is critical or questioning of the source material, pastiche, fucked-up and problematic relationship dynamics, love-hate relationships, semi-unrequited love and other disparities in feeling, academic bullshit.

Some stuff I generally don’t: fluff and schmoop (errr however you define these terms, I’m using them to mean “fic written specifically to showcase some cute moment in a couple’s lives” or what have you), total canon-rigidity/canon-worship, sanitization of history, narratives where one person in a relationship is Completely Right.




CA )

In conclusion, please don’t freak out too much about your fic, as useless a reassurance as that is. You now know basically all you need to know about me in order to write a fic I’ll like, and I know one important thing about you: we have shared tastes. And that means you’re awesome. Go knock ‘em dead. ♥

[personal profile] prodigy
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Crap, I really haven't attended to this thing in a while. I'm alive! And reading/watching/writing things! Just busy!

Today I saw a car parked in Laguna Beach with a bunch of typical sanctimonious bumper stickers, including the Coexist one, and then -- with a twist of horrific irony -- a quote about ignorance by Rudyard Kipling. Putting an anti-bigotry sticker next to a Kipling quote on your car is a true achievement in lack of self-awareness.
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 Way too busy for ep reviews the past few weeks, hoping to get back on track with Blackwater.  But  this is my only episode reaction that really matters.

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Cursory post acknowledging I've seen The Avengers and it was pretty good, actually, if you don't think about it too hard.  The plot was pretty stupid, Fridge Logic abounds, and the movie sort of accidentally endorsed a mildly fascist set of philosophies and handwaved away the sheer abundance of civilian death that transpired during it, but I was a fan of the way the characters were handled and a lot of the individual sequences were neat.  I liked it.  It was good popcorn entertainment.  Joss Whedon did the best by what he had, I think.  Black Widow and Hawkeye were my favorite characters, followed by Hawkeye's arms.  Over and out.

Back to adventures.


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