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the late, or rather, later Henrik Egerman ([personal profile] prodigy) wrote2020-05-16 04:22 am
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There is just one moon and one golden sun, and a +Grant Access means friendship to everyone.

2012 edit: this was due for an update.  Hi everyone!  Feel free to add me and say hi here if I don't know you, or if we haven't spoken in a while; I like adding new people, I just like talking to them first!

Public: Assorted things.  Gifs.

Locked: A lot of stuff, my access filter is not exactly a treasure trove of secrets and personal information, so if you want to be on it just lemme know.

Private: To-do lists.  Posts checking the formatting of extremely long stories and their cut-tags in the two minutes before I post them.

That probably about covers it.  Being the kind of person who checks phone email at important meetings, I am pretty much always reachable.  I hate scallions, though, so please don't try to get me to friend you, scallion_fans.

If you really want to hang out, though, you probably want my Tumblr.
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[personal profile] hebethen 2013-07-01 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello, mind if I sub? I did an idle interest search and was like "hm this person has gr8 taste why do they sound familiar" then I realized that you hang around some people I already sub to/follow so obviously you have gr8 taste on that front as well. Although now, rereading your note, I am unsure as to whether it is that you prefer comments for subbing or for requesting mutual encircleage. To disambiguate, I just wish to avoid "WHO IS THIS RANDOM STRANGER WHY ARE THEY SUDDENLY READING MY DW" awkwardness, and am not requesting mutual anything; equivalent exchange apparently demands that I transact the awkwardness here instead.