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TWD is sort of hitting that 2-season limit I have with a lot of TV series, which is why I get bored and walk away around that time: the waterskier-approaching-the-shark point when it's starting to look like all the plot they have left to generate centers around people having stupid arguments and a terrible chain of communication. This is often my issue with television in general and the television drama genre in specific -- they're almost always about literally the stupidest and most socially maladjusted group of people you could possibly get in whatever setting (office, noble house, post-apocalyptic travel band, whatever). They're generally about as incompetent and unreasonable as a band of people could possibly be without actually all dying. Anything that can go wrong does go wrong. It's really boring. But I'm not really a TV person anyway, so.

They really need to get back on the road one way or another. The zombie post-apocalyptic genre is pretty ridiculous and implausible just in concept, and one of its big unspoken genre suspensions of disbelief is that humans could or would stay in a state of anarchy for an extended period of time, so part of this involves an empty Mad Max world they can wander around encountering new things like they're in a video game. You kind of need that, because without it there's not enough plot and the threadbare science and sociology of the setup shows through a little too much. The first season had the benefit of things like the CDC episode and other straight-up science fiction that took advantage of the world's potential for fun and creepiness; getting held up too long at Hershel's farm is turning this into a tedious HBO drama.

That being said, the last two episodes weren't bad or anything, just that they depended on Rick having the decisionmaking skills of a small goldfish, Carl's apparent demonic possession, and their walker watch system making basically no sense. I'm really not sure why Daryl isn't in charge at this point. Well, yes, I am sure, in that Daryl doesn't exist in the comics, but on a pragmatic level I really have no idea why Daryl isn't in charge, can you think of one good reason?

Eh, TV writing.
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The Walking Dead 2.08-2.09 Nebraska; Triggerfinger:

Glenn Learns A Lesson
Changes for Hershel
Happy Birthday, Rick!


Oh! I forgot to mention, it turns out Rel and I had the same idea for the same holiday, which was to make a Sherlock-themed fanmix on for Valentine's Day. However, the mixes we made were slightly different.

If you don't want to click a link to my Tumblr post which will provide you the full experience, the two fanmixes are:

Happiness Is A Warm Gun: A Moriarty/Moran 8-Track Mix. 8 (+1 extra) tracks for the pairing of BBC Sherlock's Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, which is a. sexy, b. romantic, c. and not just because I contributed Nick Cave covering Leonard Cohen. It's an awesome mix and you should go listen right now, I mean it. It also has some smokin'-if-semi-NSFW album art which you should go look at if nothing else. By Rel, natch. Also contains Elvis Costello and Placebo.

*~~Jim and Sherlock Sitting In A Tree!! <3~~*: A Romantic Mix from Jim Moriarty to Sherlock Holmes on the Happy Occasion of St. Valentine's. 14 tracks for Valentine's day!!! Also contains Britney and the Divinyls!!! xoxoxo ... By me.  Album art by misunderstood artist [personal profile] corialis .
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Halloween itself turned into an informal marathon of Halloween-related programming, didn't it? Oh, well, the real festivities were Sleep No More on Sunday, and no kids came to trick-or-treat this year anyway. Now we've got this bowl of Nerds and Sweet-Tarts sitting around. It never occurred to me before that both of these candy names are technically descriptions of people.

The Walking Dead 2.03 - Save the Last One: Holy shit. The last time a piece of media took me that much aback on my unknowing expectations of boundaries of character actions and moral compass was the first time I read A Game of Thrones about eight or nine years ago. I'm not kidding. Wow. That was legitimately shocking. [REDACTED] is turning out to be a hell of a creation among TV characters.

Grimm 1.01 - Pilot: Grimm is nowhere near as bad as Once Upon A Time turned out to be, but that is some of the faintest praise you could ever damn something with, so. It's kind of like Supernatural with some vampire-mythos-like monster-and-monster-hunter interaction and overdone Flickr filters? I'm curious to see where they go with it (and cute hapless werewolf dude), so maybe we'll tune in for the next ep at least.

American Horror Story 1.01 - Pilot: Better than it looked. Looked like typical haunted house setup -- was to some degree, but the characters/some of the unsolved mysteries were interesting enough to make me want to watch the next few episodes, as well as the intermittent presence of Dylan McDermott's sculpted naked sexualized body. I really hope they didn't put in an extra dash of that just for the pilot and then hold out on us for the rest of the season, because that'd be a serious waste of an attractive actor willing to show his attractive ass.

Night of the Living Dead: Mostly heard about this movie from my dad's mentions. Was expecting some kind of cheesy 70s B-movie. Instead watched eerie Twilight Zone-esque locked-room tropemaking zombie thriller with handsome lead and depressing social commentary. Me gusta.


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