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 Or, this was funny and vindicating enough that I actually felt the need to crosslink it from my Tumblr.  No, seriously, I'm glad to see more people catching on to the problems with current Doctor Who plotting, because it makes me want to bang my head on my monitor when I see fans eagerly swallowing everything their new fannish idol writes because it's part of their damn fannish squee or some shit, please, not another Joss Whedon.  And my monitor is a fragile flatscreen, so don't make me do this thing.

Anyway, some person I don't know but reblogged anyway wrote this script-style parody that basically encapsulates everything that's wrong with series 5-6 plotting in Doctor Who through "what if Steven Moffat wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles": Sherlock Holmes and the Problem of "Day of the Moon."

WATSON: Are you going to wrap up this story, or are you going to go off and lark about Cardiff?



HOLMES: He’s a criminal; Criminals are evil. You’ve read my stories before, you know how this works.

WATSON: Yes - and that’s not how I remember it. Besides you haven’t even bothered to tell *why* John Clayton was driven to use a gigantic hound to terrorise our good friend Sir Henry Baskervile to death and/or off his estate.

HOLMES: Oh? Hmmm… something to do with being in turn swindled… possibly revenge. Maybe an illegitimate pregnancy. Or not. Or both. I dunno. Let’s go solve more mysteries!

WATSON: But can’t we finish wrapping up this one first? Why did he use a gigantic hound? Why did it appear to glow green? Who was that tramp from the Moor and why was he attacked by the hound? And what the hell have you got on your head?


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