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The Walking Dead 2.08-2.09 Nebraska; Triggerfinger:

Glenn Learns A Lesson
Changes for Hershel
Happy Birthday, Rick!


Oh! I forgot to mention, it turns out Rel and I had the same idea for the same holiday, which was to make a Sherlock-themed fanmix on for Valentine's Day. However, the mixes we made were slightly different.

If you don't want to click a link to my Tumblr post which will provide you the full experience, the two fanmixes are:

Happiness Is A Warm Gun: A Moriarty/Moran 8-Track Mix. 8 (+1 extra) tracks for the pairing of BBC Sherlock's Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, which is a. sexy, b. romantic, c. and not just because I contributed Nick Cave covering Leonard Cohen. It's an awesome mix and you should go listen right now, I mean it. It also has some smokin'-if-semi-NSFW album art which you should go look at if nothing else. By Rel, natch. Also contains Elvis Costello and Placebo.

*~~Jim and Sherlock Sitting In A Tree!! <3~~*: A Romantic Mix from Jim Moriarty to Sherlock Holmes on the Happy Occasion of St. Valentine's. 14 tracks for Valentine's day!!! Also contains Britney and the Divinyls!!! xoxoxo ... By me.  Album art by misunderstood artist [personal profile] corialis .


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