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Dad: Can yoyu translate "mutatis mutandis"?

me: yeah, it's an idiom - meaning, roughly, changing what is to be changed, or changing what must be changed
only the necessary changes

Dad: you googled it? :D

me: nah, but i didn't translate it either
i recognized it
so i can't really take the credit
taking a crack at the grammar from scratch though, it's not a complete sentence, but then again, most things like this aren't
it's like, a clause you'd put in a sentence about something else to qualify it
(it's funny you should ask, i'm reading a novel right now about greek/latin/classics students at a college)

Dad: can you translate "I came... I saw... I made bugs" ?

Me: haha okay
i don't know the declension for insectum off the top of my head, so i'm going to assume it's... 3rd, i think
veni, vidi, feci insecta
if you literally mean bugs as in the creepy crawlies
and not 'mistakes'

Dad: thanks :)

Me: perhaps if you're making a programming language
err, programming reference

Dad: yeah

Me: what you're looking for is veni, vidi, feci errata

Dad: "bugs" would be "defects"

Me: yeah, i'd go with errata

Dad: ok!

: ... later that same day...

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Me: I am ze ubermensch.
[personal profile] relia : Oh ja?
Me: I broke into our house! Thus averting $80 of locksmith fees.
[personal profile] relia : Just don't put that as your google status.
Me: Nein, if other people want to break into our house they will have to do the legwork like I did, I am not divulging my new trade secrets.
[personal profile] relia : I'm locking all the windows when I get home XD
Me: If it's any reassurance, the window was a REAL bitch to get into. I definitely had to risk some stepladder-related injury to accomplish it, and basically climbed and dove right in through the guest bedroom. Not an optimal robbery method. Also, it was broad daylight and everyone could see me.
They could also see me going around with the ladder to all the other windows trying each one to see if it was locked, which I'm fairly sure prompted some speculation. But the point is, all's well!
I've never been so annoyed that our house is not at ground level. But on the bright side, it is quite a burglary deterrent.
You know how there's a weird neighbor on every block?
I am pretty sure it's me. I am the weird neighbor.
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I was trying to stop the Apocalypse from happening and I was on a roadtrip through the American Southwest at the time. One of the steps in the quest involved waking an ancient, Aztec-era sleeping god that took the form of an enormous lizard a la a dragon, and I kept deciphering old maps that took me to locations in the desert that had strange formations but none quite seemed to be what I was looking for.

Then I had an epiphany and realized that they were ALL the locations of the sleeping god, which was actually the size of nearly the entire desert. )

The reason I am posting this dream is because I somehow know it was caused by watching the Supernatural episode 5.08 - "Changing Channels," which is at once the best episode of Supernatural, one of the best episodes of anything, and tragically not what the rest of Supernatural is about.  I am doing everything I can to... slightly lessen... the spread of.  .... genital herpes.  And that's a good thing.
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I wouldn't be crossposting this here unless it was seriously desperate, since I know only a handful of people read this. But since that handful exists: I'm posting here about the imminent execution of Troy Davis of Georgia, a Death Row inmate about to be killed by the state for a crime there's almost no substantiating evidence that he actually committed. Some of you are familiar with this case already. Some might not be. Here's the rundown:

Troy Davis is a Georgia death row inmate -- a 42-year-old black man -- who was convicted of murdering a police officer 20 years ago. Since then, seven of the nine witnesses have recanted, it's been shown that there is no physical evidence connecting him to the crime, and several witnesses are now claiming that a different person committed it. Basically, there's not enough evidence any more to even convict him, much less execute him. But due to the legal system in Georgia and the way appeals work, he's still sentenced to death.

His execution has been slated for tonight at 7PM, in five and a half hours. All of his appeals have been denied -- Amnesty International's appeal has been denied -- the parole board and the judge and all the state officials involved are absolutely refusing to stay his execution even long enough to open an investigation. As of today, his likeliest avenues to deliverance from his execution appear to be closed, but that doesn't mean we should stop raising hell.

Please read about this and sign a petition/make a phone call before Troy Davis's time is up. He is not a guilty man, not proven guilty under our system of American justice, and his execution would be a murder by the state -- I say this absolutely as both a law student and a moral human being. People from the former director of the FBI to Pope Benedict have come out against this execution and to protest to save Davis's life. Take five minutes. It might not do anything, but it might do something, and if it does something it could save a man from being unjustly and illegally murdered by the state of Georgia.

This would be without question a murder under both American principles and almost any religious ones -- read this, take it seriously, and boost the signal to others before it's too late. It seems all but certain that Davis will be executed tonight, but it is never entirely too late for another appeal or intervention. Make it known to Georgia State and the US government that America won't stand for the murder of Troy Davis.


Clemency Denied for Troy Davis - Take Action Now to Stop the Execution (The Innocence Project)
Troy Davis (Amnesty International)
The Troy Davis case at Wikipedia
Troy Davis to be executed after parole board denies clemency (Yahoo! News)
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1. Mosquitoes tried to devour me today. I shit you not; I never had much of a mosquito problem up until now, between living on the West Coast and having some kind of mosquito- and flea-repellent nasty O+ anemic blood that keeps the vampires away. Until today. [personal profile] relia and I had this misadventure that involved wandering around a creepy post-apocalyptic-looking Half-Life 2 landscape, and the moment I stepped onto it mosquitoes swarmed around me like loving vassals paying worship to their long-lost fucking mosquito king. Bloodsucking worship. Mostly ignored [personal profile] relia too. What the hell. Reacquainting self with OFF!.

2. Follow-up on Gay YA stuff, [personal profile] deepad did a solid post on the subject of queer YA lists, diversity-in-YA lists, and whether representation is actually good representation. Or, if you have ever felt, like me, that YA fiction is full of Sassy Gay Friend, here are a bunch of people who understand you. Also GTFO Libba Bray.

3. Gurl Goes To Africa is my new favorite Tumblr. Go follow it, you will love it unless you are, in fact, Gurl who Goes To Africa: in which case make like the aforementioned gentleman in #2 and look at your life and also your choices.
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Sometime this morning, when I was taking a shower, I reached for my razor and was dumbstruck for a moment or two to find that my stubble had only grown a fraction -- how could that be, I thought? The answer: we'd been up all night with few-hour sleep intervals, waiting up on hurricane watch and sloshing around trying to bail out our dark basement with a malfunctioning Shop-Vac, eating Craisins and keeping Craisins away from Pippin, that it didn't occur to me that it'd only been 24 hours since my last shower. It seemed like longer.

So, Hurricane Irene itself: we got off easy. Really easy. In all honesty, we were lucky as hell, since our power, water, and pilot light lasted the whole thing through and no trees fell on our property. That was pretty amazing, considering how many power lines there are around here and trees to fell them. Our worst casualties were basement flooding, sleep deprivation, and cabin fever.

Friday: I stowed Nemo and his lucky fin in underground parking. [personal profile] relia and I took in all the stuff outside (porch furniture, potted plants) that stood a risk of blowing into things, and finished shopping for food and other stuff anticipating a long power outage. We couldn't find 6-volt batteries. We checked basically anywhere that sold batteries, but to no avail.

Saturday: We got up to look for batteries again (no luck) but found some in a disorganized kitchen drawer (yay!) later. Installed Pip a new litterbox in the upstairs bathroom and brought her up with us, where she now currently resides. Masking-taped the windows. >WAIT. >WAIT. >WAIT. Rain started happening, so we set about Shop-Vaccing and bailing out the results into the basement sink, not anticipating that the damn thing would break down over time or that the basement lights would flicker periodically to creep us out and make sure we had our lights on us at all times. This was tiring, but less tiring with both of us. Then we got a call from Rel's dad informing us of a tornado watch over the whole area, effective until 5AM, so we spent the rest of the time until 5AM watching TV/listening to the radio for any warnings specific to our county and Shop-Vaccing. Also watching stuff. That description really underrates how tedious and discouraging this segment was, but eventually we went to bed.

Sunday: Amazed at the continued existence of our power, storm winds beating us up in the morning; cat therapy helped. Ate more Craisins. Denied Pip more Craisins. Had pointless cabin-feverish arguments. Finished playing Full Throttle. Eventually the winds went away during the hour and then the rain went away altogether, which was excellent because the basement was still something of a kiddie pool. Still is, but that's what the Shop-Vac is for, if it doesn't expire. Thanked our lucky stars that our power decided to stick around. Learned that a tree fell on Rel's dad's apartment (but not on Rel's dad). Went out gingerly in the evening for sushi, discovered creepy emptiness, broken traffic lights, and one brave little sushi place. Hung out with cat more.

Overall: we're fine (me, Rel, Pippin, and Tory), the property's fine, and we're really fortunate. Aside from my stir-craziness, which is not fortunate, for either of us. Getting Nemo back tomorrow. Getting Nemo back tomorrow. Getting Nemo back tomorrow.

Several times Saturday night/Sunday morning I said something to [personal profile] relia to the effect of "as Bon Jovi once said, we've got each other and that's a lot." We did. It was. ♥

I'm not even going to comment on that excuse for an earthquake, because seriously, you guys, seriously.
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A car nearly killed me on the way home from Wawa. This is in no way relevant to the rest of my post, but it just happened and like a real American I feel the urge to tell someone about it. It slammed on the brakes in the middle of its lane going about 60 MPH and somehow I had the reflexes not just to brake, but to realize a half-second into braking that there was no way Nemo would slow in time not to hit the other car and swerve into a fucking Tokyo drift around it. Given slightly slower reflexes, that wouldn't have gone that way. This, folks, is why you drive stone cold sober -- it's not about being sober enough to work the steering wheel and stay in your lane, it's about being sober enough to save your own life before your conscious brain even realizes you're in danger. This is bumping "get Nemo's brakes checked" higher on my list of financial priorities, though.


So today I made [personal profile] relia listen to some covers of the Leonard Cohen song "I'm Your Man," because I love covers and I particularly love Leonard Cohen covers for what the covering artist brings to the song; my friend Taylor said today that Jeff Buckley, for instance, sings like he's been shot in the gut and every song is his last breath. I couldn't agree more. But though "Hallelujah" covers deserve a lengthy post of their own, "I'm Your Man" is my favorite Cohen song and it's been covered less. Incidentally, I've never seen a soundtrack usage of this song that didn't suck: even the one in Secretary, and I love Secretary.

Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man
and if you want to strike me down in anger/here I stand

Definitely the best, of course -- I think a lot of first-time listeners have a hard time appreciating the depth and expressiveness of Cohen's voice, but his voice and music are what take his lyrics from good poetry to fantastic music in general. The original "I'm Your Man" sounds like a love song from an adult man, full of restraint and somberness; the instrumentation barely exists, enough to give the words a melody; it all has a formality that makes the passion in it glow underneath, only coming close to breaking in the "Ah, the moon's too bright" bridge.

Nick Cave - I'm Your Man
but a man never got a woman back/not by begging on his knees

Okay, but this one blew me away. Rel and I differed on first impression here, but to me the jangly, ugly, unsettling backing and Nick Cave's raw, gravelly voice combined for an amazing cover of this song that didn't fall into the mistake of "trying to do a Cohen song to sound like Cohen"; there's a raw disturbingness and violent sexuality to his cover that I think is really mesmerizing. YMMV, though, I admire Nick Cave's work in general but I wouldn't casually pop it in on a road trip.

Michael Buble - I'm Your Man
if you want a driver, climb inside/or if you want to take me for a ride

Full disclosure of bias: I hate Michael Buble. I dislike him enough that I'm being purposely too lazy to put the diacritic in his name, though I'll probably get neurotic later and go back to add it, damn me. Aside from his being a favorite with douches, it's not so much a personal problem with the man as his need to cover classic songs and turn them into big-band elevator music. I think it was an interesting choice for him to pick something as out of his genre as this song, though, and for that I have to give him props for an artistic risk; it turned out horribly, of course, as he can emote about as well as William Shatner, but at least it wasn't another bombastic doo-wop cover. He's terrible for this song because he can't infuse it with any kind of emotion, and it's worst during the bridge; however, I will give him his props, he is a hell of a lounge/nightclub-style performer and his live "Feelin' Good" proves it (thanks, Rel). "I'm Your Man" should not sound like "Fever," though -- and yet it does here, exactly.

Anyway, I think a mark of interesting music is when trying to discuss it in words feels clunky and unrepresentative.
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The first thing I have to say about Otakon is that this July in Baltimore was sweltering. The second thing is that I gotta say, cosplaying puts a serious cramp in your congoing mobility if you're not used to it; there's a big difference between jetting around on your own, propless and comfortably dressed and fancy-free, and hauling ass in skintight baseball pants with your wooden bat over your shoulder and left-ear-deafening headset constricting your skull in its plastic jaws while stopping every ten seconds to pose for a picture with your Ma. And that's with a really easy costume. I can't even imagine how this went for Zora Link and Demo-kun*. The point is, the point at which I wanted to sit down and eat and take my headset off and not rush to the next thing I'd planned to do came a lot faster and harder than I was used to, which is something I'm going to have to take into consideration next time I go to something like this.

That being said, the third thing is that for the size of the con it really needed bigger rooms and better organization anyway, speaking as someone who never usually has problems making it to lots of panels at 100K+ San Diego Comic-Con. And the fourth thing is that it was really fun regardless and brought back a huge wave of fandom nostalgia, because since when do I go to anime conventions, anyway?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday )

My birthday is tomorrow! I can't remember if my birthday's ever fallen on a Tuesday before.

*this is not a typo
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[personal profile] prodigy: We're good! When we got home we just vegged, ordered food in, watched more Baccano! and Durarara!! (what's with the punctuation trend these days? Panic! at the Disco and all) and Beauty & the Beast since it was on TV.

[personal profile] thez : How much of Baccano! and Durarara!! did you watch?!?!?*?*

[personal profile] prodigy : Uh, like one episode of Durarara!!!$$#@@#% and two of Baccano!!!!!!!!!?????.....

[personal profile] thez : You'll have to let me know if Durarara!!!¡¡¡!!! starts making sense.

[personal profile] prodigy : I'""""***m afraid it hasn^^^t yet but I will keep you posted,,,,.
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So, NYC Pride. You know, I don't actually enjoy journaling the events of my life half as much as I enjoy reviewing things, but in this case I feel like I'll regret it ten years hence if I don't -- historic NYC Pride, eve of the marriage equality resolution that lit up the Empire State Building in rainbow colors, parade through Stonewall Place, all that stuff. Alternatively, I may in ten years be of the opinion that this day wasn't all that significant at all, because marriage equality is barely the start of the LGBT struggle/it got repealed a moment later (please no)/more important things happened since/aliens invaded/SkyNet/climate change/bears/other. But I also might regret it. So: New York Pride 2011, the [personal profile] prodigy and [personal profile] thez version. I'm appropriating [personal profile] thez until she writes her own version.

2:31PM: Dude who looks like Maes Hughes dancing with abandon on a float in red hot pants to Cee Lo Green )

And as for the parade: the first post I made about it, when I got home, was an honest one; I'm glad for my sunglasses. Cool guys don't look at explosions. But while we're talking about not crying behind them or anything and things I couldn't possibly have teared up at -- I didn't-tear-up at the beginning at all the signs thanking Governor Cuomo, and I-didn't-tear-up really hard at the tiny contingent of people honoring Harvey Milk. And every time I saw the Stonewall Pl streetsign a handful of yards away from us.

All in all: an insane, enormous celebration, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and I think I'll give my feet some time to heal before I next go a-wandering with Z. But I'm looking forward.

I know marriage equality is the first yellow brick on our road, and that there are a lot of us the mainstream political gay rights movement have thrown under the bus or sold out straight-up for the holy grail of marriage equality. It's no unqualified We Did It!. But I also know that -- standing in the Village not far from the Stonewall Inn -- the streets hold the blood of many boys and girls who shed it and because of them, a boy and a girl could stand there in 2011 and complain about people trying to stand on a potted plant, and know for just one day of the year that it would be the straight bullies who were afraid right now of us. And for that I have to say thank you. Thank you, everyone from Stonewall, and thank you for fighting the fight that I'm young enough to benefit from. I don't know what else to say. I don't have my sunglasses on.

NYC Pride

Jun. 27th, 2011 02:21 am
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Today I stood in Greenwich Village on Christopher Street and watched a pride parade go by days after the state of New York legalized marriage equality. If my Sniper aviators are smudged, it must be because of my shirt or something.
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Thunderstorms were in the forecast for tonight, but I was expecting a rainstorm and some thunder and lightning flashes in the area, not the wrath of the fucking thunder gods! I actually had to pull over into a mall parking lot because the wind and rain were making it impossible to see anything but the vague blurred outlines of lights; trying to drive even 100 yards further would've been a death wish. The rest of the cars on the road did the same thing. I've never seen that before.

Lightning was bright enough that it was a little painful to my eyes, like sitting in front of a gigantic camera flash. Being stranded in a mall parking lot in the middle of a raging thunderstorm was a creepy and isolating feeling: if I'd wanted to call anyone it would've been pointless: the only thing that drowned out the wind and thunder was my Queen Greatest Hits CD.

Goddamn it, Titus Pullo, this is what we all get for mocking Jupiter.
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More fuck-a-doodle-doo. These are fuck-a-doodle-doo times, I think. Anyway, I'd like to say that the current Oglaf says it all about why Sandoval is amazing and why Ivan/Sandoval is OglafTP (Mistress watches with disinterest). And also why Sandoval is amazing. Sandoval has basically become my favorite Oglaf character, which was difficult as he had to displace the I Wish We Had A Better Name To Refer To This Woman By Than "The Lesbian Mercenary" and Mistress and Mistress's lazy hawk. Oglaf really is the best NSFW mysteriously-popped-out-of-nowhere fantasy sex comedy webcomic there is, and still would be even if it wasn't the sole tenant of that category I just made up.

Hmm what else. I had to be making this post for a reason. Oh, right, I'm tired, and I did stuff over the weekend. Namely [personal profile] relia and I trotted up to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to visit [personal profile] mindsplinters, [personal profile] tatterpixie, and [personal profile] thez, as well as their cats Serendipity and Lennon. Lennon is a small god of cats walking this earth. He is the most enormous cat I have ever seen. He is actually a pillow in cat form, or possibly just a pillow in pillow form that has fur and emits purrs. He was basically the entire raison d'etre for the visit -- uh, aside from my friends, of course, beloved friends that they are, I definitely do not love their colossal cat more, I would never do a thing like that. I would definitely never ignore them to blow raspberries on Lennon's belly five more times. That does not sound like me at all.

We went to the Greek food festival there, the Allentown farmer's market, and a cute little brunch place called Sweet Memories, so overall it was kind of a food-tastic weekend. We also found a bench with some interesting graffiti on it, highlights including "Loki is a sunflower," "Loki is a good dancer," and "Loki is a penis whisperer" -- the last of which is, like, it's not just that he gives head, it's that he gives amazing head? You know, I doubt it would suit Loki's purposes to give subpar blowjobs anyway. I'm not sure it suits anyone's purposes to give subpar blowjobs, though. It's a handy skill. Anyway, I dunno what drug user (or disaffected Discordian, as the case may be) was responsible for that, but I'm glad the gang snapped pictures for posterity.

I was also laid off last week, but as I'm in the business of silver linings I would like to point out I can now get out of bed exactly when I feel like.
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 So, about Pip.

Pip is the biggest recent event in my life worth speaking of -- of course there's the usual finance, job, career, and family stuff, but more importantly, Pip.  Pip is short for Pippin, which is what [personal profile] relia  and I have named the surprise cat we didn't know we wanted -- a stray that turned up on our porch one day a few weeks ago, meowed piteously, we fed her, and she kept coming back.  There are neighborhood cats, but this one seemed too skinny and desperate to be someone else's outdoor cat, so we put out some food; she, not being stupid, started coming back to us exclusively, waiting for us to come home, crying at our door, all the usual goddamn cat guilt-trip stuff.

She's scrawny, black, with green eyes.  I'll include a picture once there's some natural light for pictures, but for now you're just going to have to picture a black cat with green eyes, except snack-sized and full of the most pathetic goddamn wailing you have ever heard a feline do.  We originally figured she was just out of kittenhood (due to her size) and realized she'd adopted herself by hook or motherfucking crook into our responsibility.  So we took her to the vet -- which was not cheap -- and found out that she was, for one, probably pretty old (and just malnourished), and for two, constipated and might be suffering from a serious chronic cat illness like feline diabetes or kidney problems.  We couldn't afford to have her tested just yet, so we brought her home after an overnight stay and some treatment to see if she felt better.

Pip's living in the (spacious) basement now, as to not spread her allergenic cat dandruff all over the house to sabotage [personal profile] relia 's allergic family members.  We're following the vet's instructions, feeding her wet food, and visiting her all the time -- her health's not really improving and the piteous wailing from the basement stairs is definitely audible when she can tell we're walking around downstairs but not paying attention to her.

Goddamn it, Pip.  Why can't you be healthier?  Why can't you have found a different pair of sentimental suckers?  Why can't you talk and tell us what's wrong with you?  Why am I venting my angstridden preoccupation with you to the internet?  How do you solve a problem like Pipria?

In cheerier news, there were some really fucking adorable snakes at PetSmart and a chatty 13-year-old wanted to be my friend.


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