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Me: I am ze ubermensch.
[personal profile] relia : Oh ja?
Me: I broke into our house! Thus averting $80 of locksmith fees.
[personal profile] relia : Just don't put that as your google status.
Me: Nein, if other people want to break into our house they will have to do the legwork like I did, I am not divulging my new trade secrets.
[personal profile] relia : I'm locking all the windows when I get home XD
Me: If it's any reassurance, the window was a REAL bitch to get into. I definitely had to risk some stepladder-related injury to accomplish it, and basically climbed and dove right in through the guest bedroom. Not an optimal robbery method. Also, it was broad daylight and everyone could see me.
They could also see me going around with the ladder to all the other windows trying each one to see if it was locked, which I'm fairly sure prompted some speculation. But the point is, all's well!
I've never been so annoyed that our house is not at ground level. But on the bright side, it is quite a burglary deterrent.
You know how there's a weird neighbor on every block?
I am pretty sure it's me. I am the weird neighbor.
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I was trying to stop the Apocalypse from happening and I was on a roadtrip through the American Southwest at the time. One of the steps in the quest involved waking an ancient, Aztec-era sleeping god that took the form of an enormous lizard a la a dragon, and I kept deciphering old maps that took me to locations in the desert that had strange formations but none quite seemed to be what I was looking for.

Then I had an epiphany and realized that they were ALL the locations of the sleeping god, which was actually the size of nearly the entire desert. )

The reason I am posting this dream is because I somehow know it was caused by watching the Supernatural episode 5.08 - "Changing Channels," which is at once the best episode of Supernatural, one of the best episodes of anything, and tragically not what the rest of Supernatural is about.  I am doing everything I can to... slightly lessen... the spread of.  .... genital herpes.  And that's a good thing.
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Features of our New Year's hotel room:

- a glass-walled bathroom it took us a little too long to find the button for that raised/lowered the privacy screen
- a Mile High Intimacy Kit
- A Matter of Substance Abuse
- bathrobes!!
- Dear Dave (Strider?) (?????)
- disorientation

Happy New Year's, everyone! It turns out dancing in shoes with treads is actually a bad idea, but who gives a fuck. It turns out the McKittrick has a whole garden of Weeping Angels, including one I was not completely sure was not a person and kept edging around, which was super-effective. It turns out I know all the words to Lady Gaga's "Judas." I'm not done doing YT recs, so those will be going up sooner or later, probably closer to later, but happy YT too. I wrote Turn Back, O Man, a The Three Musketeers fic for eldiablito-sf. Thanks for the request, recipient, I'm glad you liked it!

There's a free channel here called "Practical Money Advice."
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I'm still not even sure how to review Sleep No More the second time around, except that as long as Punchdrunk keeps putting on avant-garde Macbeth-themed film noir immersive interactive survival horror haunted house theater, they've got more of my money than I should really be spending. Which they already have, but it was still completely worth it. The main changes this time I guess were that it was a little less terrifying -- maybe because we'd seen some of it before, maybe because it was more crowded (a drawback, but I imagine they wanted to let more people in for their Halloweeen weekend special), maybe because [personal profile] relia and I did a better job of staying glued together this time. By which I mean I wandered off less. It's still impossible to go through the McKittrick and not feel submerged in the quiet clammy waters of the world they set up for you, crowd or no crowd.

The Halloween night we went for was last night, Sunday, theme Aphrodite's Revenge where the dress code was "sexy" and "red." We accordingly sexed it up as a sexy Veronica Lake fatale in a long red dress (her) and a sexy piratical Don Juan Triumphant backup dancer (myself), and were probably the sexiest non-staff people there, less on account of our own sexiness (though we were pretty sexy) and more on account of the surprisingly disappointing lack of imagination and costume commitment of the people of NYC. You'd think theatergoing New Yorker men could muster something better than red polo shirts. You'd think wrong, apparently.

It's hard to say how much of the show changed, because it's hard to see most of the show in one go. We spent more time chasing actors this time and watching scenes, so we saw more though it was hard on my poor heel-booted feet (which I later abused more during a dance remix of "Under Pressure" at the afterparty). I feel like there was more sex and blood and bloody sex this time around, which could be a function of Aphrodite's Revenge and could be a function of us, well, seeing more scenes. I think I could follow the story a little better now -- picked out Macduff and Lady Macduff this time too, among others -- but I was we were distracted by a particular whiskered blonde actor who was constantly taking it all off and writhing in the shower and dancing with another handsome fellow and participating in bloody oxhead raves and stuff. We got more attention from the actors this time, probably due to the snazziness of our costumes, which resulted in a lot of silent "what are they trying to get us to do???" charades.

Then on the way home we ate at Denny's and got lost in the Bordentown area, where we are pretty sure the Children of the Corn live.
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1. Mosquitoes tried to devour me today. I shit you not; I never had much of a mosquito problem up until now, between living on the West Coast and having some kind of mosquito- and flea-repellent nasty O+ anemic blood that keeps the vampires away. Until today. [personal profile] relia and I had this misadventure that involved wandering around a creepy post-apocalyptic-looking Half-Life 2 landscape, and the moment I stepped onto it mosquitoes swarmed around me like loving vassals paying worship to their long-lost fucking mosquito king. Bloodsucking worship. Mostly ignored [personal profile] relia too. What the hell. Reacquainting self with OFF!.

2. Follow-up on Gay YA stuff, [personal profile] deepad did a solid post on the subject of queer YA lists, diversity-in-YA lists, and whether representation is actually good representation. Or, if you have ever felt, like me, that YA fiction is full of Sassy Gay Friend, here are a bunch of people who understand you. Also GTFO Libba Bray.

3. Gurl Goes To Africa is my new favorite Tumblr. Go follow it, you will love it unless you are, in fact, Gurl who Goes To Africa: in which case make like the aforementioned gentleman in #2 and look at your life and also your choices.
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[personal profile] eruthros's Top 100 SFF reader poll. It has its own hilarious skew, given "Shoebox Project" is on there among other things, but it's multimedia and if you're as interested as I am in how the demographics of this will bear out from a polling standpoint and not seeing the Shoebox Project make it onto the Top 100 anything, take a gander.

Aside from that, I have a few proposed movie titles to describe this weekend:

"Our Idiot Cat"
"Along Came Pippin"
"Me, Myself, and Pippin"
"Thoroughly Modern Pippin"
"Pippin & Me"
"Iron Cat"
"500 Days of Pippin"
"Breakfast at Pippin's"

It turns out our cat is basically Brick Tamland.
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Sometime this morning, when I was taking a shower, I reached for my razor and was dumbstruck for a moment or two to find that my stubble had only grown a fraction -- how could that be, I thought? The answer: we'd been up all night with few-hour sleep intervals, waiting up on hurricane watch and sloshing around trying to bail out our dark basement with a malfunctioning Shop-Vac, eating Craisins and keeping Craisins away from Pippin, that it didn't occur to me that it'd only been 24 hours since my last shower. It seemed like longer.

So, Hurricane Irene itself: we got off easy. Really easy. In all honesty, we were lucky as hell, since our power, water, and pilot light lasted the whole thing through and no trees fell on our property. That was pretty amazing, considering how many power lines there are around here and trees to fell them. Our worst casualties were basement flooding, sleep deprivation, and cabin fever.

Friday: I stowed Nemo and his lucky fin in underground parking. [personal profile] relia and I took in all the stuff outside (porch furniture, potted plants) that stood a risk of blowing into things, and finished shopping for food and other stuff anticipating a long power outage. We couldn't find 6-volt batteries. We checked basically anywhere that sold batteries, but to no avail.

Saturday: We got up to look for batteries again (no luck) but found some in a disorganized kitchen drawer (yay!) later. Installed Pip a new litterbox in the upstairs bathroom and brought her up with us, where she now currently resides. Masking-taped the windows. >WAIT. >WAIT. >WAIT. Rain started happening, so we set about Shop-Vaccing and bailing out the results into the basement sink, not anticipating that the damn thing would break down over time or that the basement lights would flicker periodically to creep us out and make sure we had our lights on us at all times. This was tiring, but less tiring with both of us. Then we got a call from Rel's dad informing us of a tornado watch over the whole area, effective until 5AM, so we spent the rest of the time until 5AM watching TV/listening to the radio for any warnings specific to our county and Shop-Vaccing. Also watching stuff. That description really underrates how tedious and discouraging this segment was, but eventually we went to bed.

Sunday: Amazed at the continued existence of our power, storm winds beating us up in the morning; cat therapy helped. Ate more Craisins. Denied Pip more Craisins. Had pointless cabin-feverish arguments. Finished playing Full Throttle. Eventually the winds went away during the hour and then the rain went away altogether, which was excellent because the basement was still something of a kiddie pool. Still is, but that's what the Shop-Vac is for, if it doesn't expire. Thanked our lucky stars that our power decided to stick around. Learned that a tree fell on Rel's dad's apartment (but not on Rel's dad). Went out gingerly in the evening for sushi, discovered creepy emptiness, broken traffic lights, and one brave little sushi place. Hung out with cat more.

Overall: we're fine (me, Rel, Pippin, and Tory), the property's fine, and we're really fortunate. Aside from my stir-craziness, which is not fortunate, for either of us. Getting Nemo back tomorrow. Getting Nemo back tomorrow. Getting Nemo back tomorrow.

Several times Saturday night/Sunday morning I said something to [personal profile] relia to the effect of "as Bon Jovi once said, we've got each other and that's a lot." We did. It was. ♥

I'm not even going to comment on that excuse for an earthquake, because seriously, you guys, seriously.
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The first thing I have to say about Otakon is that this July in Baltimore was sweltering. The second thing is that I gotta say, cosplaying puts a serious cramp in your congoing mobility if you're not used to it; there's a big difference between jetting around on your own, propless and comfortably dressed and fancy-free, and hauling ass in skintight baseball pants with your wooden bat over your shoulder and left-ear-deafening headset constricting your skull in its plastic jaws while stopping every ten seconds to pose for a picture with your Ma. And that's with a really easy costume. I can't even imagine how this went for Zora Link and Demo-kun*. The point is, the point at which I wanted to sit down and eat and take my headset off and not rush to the next thing I'd planned to do came a lot faster and harder than I was used to, which is something I'm going to have to take into consideration next time I go to something like this.

That being said, the third thing is that for the size of the con it really needed bigger rooms and better organization anyway, speaking as someone who never usually has problems making it to lots of panels at 100K+ San Diego Comic-Con. And the fourth thing is that it was really fun regardless and brought back a huge wave of fandom nostalgia, because since when do I go to anime conventions, anyway?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday )

My birthday is tomorrow! I can't remember if my birthday's ever fallen on a Tuesday before.

*this is not a typo
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[personal profile] prodigy: We're good! When we got home we just vegged, ordered food in, watched more Baccano! and Durarara!! (what's with the punctuation trend these days? Panic! at the Disco and all) and Beauty & the Beast since it was on TV.

[personal profile] thez : How much of Baccano! and Durarara!! did you watch?!?!?*?*

[personal profile] prodigy : Uh, like one episode of Durarara!!!$$#@@#% and two of Baccano!!!!!!!!!?????.....

[personal profile] thez : You'll have to let me know if Durarara!!!¡¡¡!!! starts making sense.

[personal profile] prodigy : I'""""***m afraid it hasn^^^t yet but I will keep you posted,,,,.
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[personal profile] metonymy  10:30 pm

[personal profile] prodigy  10:41 pm
Oh man, did not see your IM!

[personal profile] metonymy  10:41 pm
It's okay!

[personal profile] prodigy  10:42 pm
actor Hugh Jackman will be headlining it, playing Jean Valjean.
actor Hugh Jackman will be headlining it, playing Jean Valjean.
actor Hugh Jackman will be headlining it, playing Jean Valjean.
actor Hugh Jackman will be headlining it, playing Jean Valjean.

[personal profile] metonymy  10:43 pm

[personal profile] prodigy  10:43 pm
actor Hugh Jackman will be headlining it, playing Jean Valjean.

[personal profile] metonymy  10:43 pm

[personal profile] prodigy  10:43 pm

So. Yes. There was that. There was also rumor talk of Paul Bettany for Javert here, and it says a lot for me that my first reaction was not "wat" but was "wait, does he have the right vocal range?" and then "can he sing?" Not that it stopped them with Gerard Butler

In other news, for the David Gemmel Legend Award auction Scott Lynch is auctioning off a cameo in one of his books. It starts at $20, which tempts me in terms of cheeky excuses to introduce yourself to famous people. I prefer excuses that don't cost indeterminate amounts of money, and anyway, there's something inherently sad about having to pay to get the attention of someone whose writing you admire. Okay, I lie, my main reservation is wondering whether or not I would get to write my own physical description, or if I am just sending a photo here. I am concerned about the photo possibility. I am concerned that the keen eye of Scott Lynch, given the opportunity to describe me, may pen a tertiary character with adjectives which are not "handsome" and "roguish" but "twinky" and "creepy-looking" and "bitch-faced." I can't be the only one who thinks about these things.
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This is funny enough that I don't care that like three people actually have any idea what we're talking about.

[personal profile] prodigy: I chose kismeses because IT IS THE SUEIEST DESTINY BACKGROUND

[personal profile] relia: YESSSSSSSSSSS

[personal profile] prodigy: ISN'T IT FUN

[personal profile] relia: LESS FUN FOR SOME PEOPLE.
Like, uh.


[personal profile] relia: GGUUYY PEPCON.

[personal profile] prodigy: GGUUYY PEPCON

[personal profile] relia: LOOK


[personal profile] relia: THE MOIRAIL ZONE

[personal profile] prodigy: RICHARD KNOWS ALL ABOUT THE MOIRAIL ZONE

My new job

Jun. 2nd, 2011 01:11 am
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 [personal profile] prodigy  12:48 am
    also, homestuck is a crappily animated and long-winded flash-based comic about 13-year-old computer game players
    so i don't even know where the elitism comes from
 [personal profile] kaianos  1:00 am
    ... *really sort of helplessly amused* i'm talking to the friend who really likes it
    *snorting* she's willing to bribe you into reading the rest of it
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:04 am
    what currency does she take?  i take bribes
 [personal profile] kaianos  1:04 am
    or rather she's willing to bribe me and has deemed you undeserving
    *snort* i'm tempted to take it and pass the money on
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:05 am
    how could she possibly know enough about me to know i'm undeserving?
    i'll have her know i'm very deserving
    i deserve lots of things
    people tell me that all the time
[personal profile] kaianos  1:07 am
    [Poor Sucker]: hahahaha okay fine i'll paypal him 10 bucks to read through the whole thing
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:07 am
    that seems like a really cheap bribe to me
    like, if she really cared about homestuck she would at least be willing to shell out $20
[personal profile] kaianos  1:08 am
    [Poor Sucker]: lollllll ugh
    [Poor Sucker]: okay fine 20 -_-
    [Poor Sucker]: haha
    i am dying of laughter here i will have you know
 [personal profile] prodigy  1:09 am
    i just need to find more homestuck fans before they talk to each other and extort similar bribes
    and then skim the wiki, say i finished it and that i'm a believer
    then go fix my car and get a mojito



[personal profile] kaianos  1:12 am
    [01:11] [Poor Sucker]: doesnt homestuck get exponentially better after the beginning?   
    [01:11] [Poor Sucker]: to the point its insanely godly amazing?
    [01:11] [Third-Party Consultant]: Uh yes.
    [01:11] [Third-Party Consultant]: Even I'll admit it.
    [01:11] [Poor Sucker]: and dont you agree that people should keep reading as a former hater of it?
    [01:12] [Third-Party Consultant]: Yes. -.- grudgingly 

 [personal profile] prodigy  1:13 am
    are we seriously getting outside opinions here?
    because if so, they've surely got another $10 for my pot

All I care about is love.




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