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I actually drafted this post at like 5AM in a bout of sleeplessness and boredom, FYI, so hi from the stream of consciousness. Also, Happy New Year, all! I think it's 2013 everywhere. That's four different digits. Sure is fun up here, woop woop. Apple juice is tasty. I still have a cold.

Come to think of it, I wish my mom was around to make me tteokguk right now. Maybe I'll acquire some in Manhattan if anything is open today. I mean, I could always try and make ha ha, procure some on the lunar New Year, according to actual tradition, but we always ended up eating it on the solar New Year and sort of slinking off in the direction of Chinese celebrations come lunar because they throw grander parties and a Korean hates to be overshadowed. :P In conclusion: nooo come to me tteokguk whyyy

For Yuletide this year I ended up writing two pre-canon backstory fics:

For scuttlesworth: All Souls, Johannes Cabal, PG, Johannes Cabal & Horst Cabal, 8335 words: In which a German schoolboy misplaces his brother.

For [personal profile] relia: John Childermass's Last Employer, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, PG, John Childermass/Gilbert Norrell, 12574 words: To the city of York, in the year of our Lord 1780, there came a young man who had fallen upon hard times.

Both very different and challenging prompts. Thanks to [personal profile] nextian for beta on "Last Employer" and [personal profile] kaianos and [personal profile] corialis for beta on both fics; I really couldn't have done without you guys. ♥

ETA: I can't get [personal profile] kaianos's username right on literally any platform, apparently.
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Joyeux Noel to e'eryone who celebrates. ♥

For Yuletide this year I got a lovely, bittersweet little Scarlet Pimpernel fic, The Truth of Her Face. Thank you, nonnie!

The challenge seems to have gone off this year with hardly any hitches at all, aside from some on the participant end of things (whoa, that is a lot of defaulters); overall it's been great, however, and I hope everyone's having a good holiday season whether or not you participate.
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More DVD commentary meme, also [personal profile] nextian but this time her proper request. It's the wee small hours of the morning! You could (A) attempt sleep (B) work on something productive like an actual fic or (C) procrastinate.

Title: A Study in Amber
Fandom: Echo Bazaar
Characters: Jack Hinks (Player Character), Rubbery Murders NPCs, (Affectionate Devil), etc.
Rating: PG
Summary: My blind friend in the Observatory has theorized that it is the dark that drives us in the Neath to do terrible things.
Wordcount: 8062
Notes: A story based off "The Rubbery Murders" storyline in the browser game Echo Bazaar, done in partial homage/pastiche to Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

My blind friend in the Observatory has theorized that it is the dark that drives us in the Neath to do terrible things. )
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Features of our New Year's hotel room:

- a glass-walled bathroom it took us a little too long to find the button for that raised/lowered the privacy screen
- a Mile High Intimacy Kit
- A Matter of Substance Abuse
- bathrobes!!
- Dear Dave (Strider?) (?????)
- disorientation

Happy New Year's, everyone! It turns out dancing in shoes with treads is actually a bad idea, but who gives a fuck. It turns out the McKittrick has a whole garden of Weeping Angels, including one I was not completely sure was not a person and kept edging around, which was super-effective. It turns out I know all the words to Lady Gaga's "Judas." I'm not done doing YT recs, so those will be going up sooner or later, probably closer to later, but happy YT too. I wrote Turn Back, O Man, a The Three Musketeers fic for eldiablito-sf. Thanks for the request, recipient, I'm glad you liked it!

There's a free channel here called "Practical Money Advice."
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Yulerecs! I rest from a frantic cleaning all-nighter to work on this! This wouldn’t have happened if I ever cleaned otherwise! Why do I do this to myself!

First, I have my two awesome gifts, one a full-length Yulegift and one a treat. My gift from my assigned writer was the amazing and atmospheric Ulula cum lupis, cum quibus esse cupis, a full-length Sleep No More story written so perfectly to my request that I can only assume that my writer read my letter/journal up and down -- it's a chronicle of a guest's surreal experience at the McKittrick Hotel, so thank you so much, writer, for getting everything right. I also received a neat little treat in the form of Breathe, an introspective drabble-length The Debt fic from the perspective of Rachel Singer: thank you, anonymous Santa #2!

There are a lot of other amazing fics in the archive, though, and some of my personal favorites were:

@MayorEmanuel, American Horror Story, Black Swan, Echo Bazaar, Game of Thrones, Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Mulan/Twisted Princesses, Nightrunner, These Old Shades, Tron )
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You can always tell when I'm trying to get something done on an actual project, because fanfic suddenly happens.

Title: my body aches to breathe your breath
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairing: Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: She is the Colonel's man.
Wordcount: 1283
Notes: Can also be found at AO3.

would I spend forever here and not be satisfied? )

H/C Bingo

Jul. 5th, 2011 06:39 pm
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So I signed up for [community profile] hc_bingo. Ayup. But my card doesn't format correctly on the Dreamwidth default layout )

Truth be told, I find [community profile] hc_bingo to be charmingly absurd and straightforward in concept in a time when it's really, really uncool to admit you like stupid shit in fanfiction unironically. I also like bingoes because they have a maximum sense of accomplishment for a minimum time pressure, and also because you get a bingo card. There is something inherently appealing about bingo cards. Also, this challenge has soulbonding in it!! Soulbonding!!! What even is soulbonding??? Who knows!! Who cares!!!

Probably going to do a mixture of original and fandom on this one! Who knows, I'm sure I'll make up my mind in the eons of time allotted to make up my mind.

Regarding H/C, Exploitation, Fandom, and Why I'm Doing This )
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I guess this is what happened instead of my theory post. (This is also partially what happened while the internet was too down to do internet-necessitating work-work a few hours ago.) Also, this is what keeps happening instead of being actually productive writing-wise, so instead you can have -- this? :D

Title: Where There's Smoke
Fandom: Lackadaisy
Characters/Pairing: Dorian Zibowski/Mitzi May, Mordecai Heller/Mitzi May (sort of)
Rating: PG
Summary: Zib collected friends like ornamental tchotchkes, but even he could admit that he never befriended the New Yorker. What was there to befriend?
Wordcount: 4169
Notes: I don't know what possessed me to think I had even a snowball's chance in hell at writing Dorian Zibowski correctly. Also at AO3 as usual.

Zib collected friends like ornamental tchotchkes, but even he could admit that he never befriended the New Yorker. )
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Damn, I'm finally finished with this behemoth. You know, every time I have to code a longer fic with italics I wind up promising myself I am never putting italics in a fic again. Then I go and forget.

Title: No Dominion
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairing: Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Maes Hughes wakes up a changed man. Roy Mustang isn't careful what he wishes for.
Wordcount: ~17800
Notes: This is an AU fic based on the 2003 anime's premise for the creation of homunculi, with episode 25 as the canon turning point, so definitely spoilers for FMA in general. Also contains some violence and other creepy/dark content. Can also be found at AO3.

No Dominion )
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So, AO3 users, I need help again.  In the continuing adventures of Kinda Damning Questions About Tags And When To Use Them, does anyone have a simple rubric of what qualifies as "Graphic Depictions of Violence?"  Properly using the archive warnings is pretty important to me, you see, but it's occurring to me trying to label something new that... what constitutes "graphic" exactly?  Like, the others are fairly self-explanatory -- "Major Character Death," "Rape/Non-Con," "Underage," okay, those should probably do what they say on the tin, if your story contains one of these things you check the ticky box and move on.  But the archive warning doesn't say "Depictions of Violence."  It says "Graphic Depictions of Violence."  It's like a double frigging rainbow.  What does it mean?

I am starting to sound like I'm trying to evade the violence warning.  I'm really not -- I'm happy to slap it on, I just don't want to misrepresent what my fic actually contains.  Like, obviously not every fic where one person punches another person gets this tag.  On the other hand, my one AO3 story so far that's warranted it had a vivid description of what someone's head looked like after multiple gunshots, which seemed like a -- ... no... brainer.

... anyway, Graphic Depictions of Violence: what gives?  Does it matter how grievous the damage resulting?  Would a loving description of a papercut count?  What about a cursory one of a decapitation?  (There are no papercuts or decapitations in my story.)  I've heard a "if it could trigger someone" standard put forth, which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, frankly, triggers are as wide-ranging and personal as anything and I'd be arrogant to try to set forth a universal bar for it.  However, barring that, I'm really not sure what the going standard is.  So would someone more active in fandom, or AO3 fandom, care to help me out? :D

Also, why do I keep writing things that need goddamned archive warnings?

31 Days

Nov. 30th, 2010 02:30 pm
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I'm glad I'm doing 31_days on a month that actually has 31_days, as it would bother something deep down in the soul of me to say I was doing "31_days" in, say, February.


I'm doing 31_days -- yes, and Yuletide, which might sound crazy to you but that would be underestimating how delightfully short 31_days fics can be and how undelightfully long it is till December 25 compared to my attention span. Forewarning: these are all original/RP characters. However: I swear to God they're entertaining original/RP characters. For those of you on my small (but bigger once I start DW socializing more, I hope!) flist who don't know the 'verses/could use some brushing-up I have provided a helpful, abbreviated guide to shit you have never heard of:

Project Great Divide: An OC Team Fortress 2 project. This means it involves spy-fi, the 60s, capers, science fiction, intreeg, a multinational ragtag band of misfits and dudes having sex. Space and/or high school AUs might happen. ("GD")

Underhill: A dark political historical fantasy project. This means it involves late-Regency early-Victorian shenanigans, demons, otherworlds, magic, politics, murder, social rank and a dragon. Buffy and/or college AUs might happen. ("UH")

In the Name of the Moon: The third-wankiest RPG I have ever been in which died in a dramasplosion, but I have a couple characters from I'm still attached to. Anything might happen. ("NotM")

Echo Bazaar: This amazing game which in no way belongs to me, but in which me, [personal profile] relia and [personal profile] red_shed have OCs we fool around with (Jack Hinks, international ho of mystery; Avery Reading, androgynous urchin of mystery; Meredith Raglan, tenacious detective of, uh, mystery). ("EB")

Prompts go here )

Also other stuff might happen.  I figure I  should always put that disclaimer.


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