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Sitting on third base, angling for home tomorrow! At least, it's late, I hope there are only three bases in baseball. There was that time when I was playing scales in piano and accidentally invented a note, "H." Except no, because that implies there's been only one time in my entire piano career that I've inadvertently renamed A "H."

More to the point, WLtWFH business as usual, and that business is spoilers.

Day 6: Why A Song of Ice and Fire Needs Her )
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My God, it's full of spoilers. No, seriously, today really is, so if you have any intention of reading to A Storm of Swords skip right on by. (Thanks to [personal profile] relia for the idea suggestion for today's essay!)

Day 5: Lady Stoneheart )
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Pip necessitated hosing out her litterbox out in the yard again, at which point a wasp promptly stung me through my shirt. Our cat's badness level is unusually high for someone her size.

This is the late-night and semi-belated rendition of Round 4 of WLtWFH, brought to you by yellowjackets, coffee, and spoilers.

Day 4: Ned Stark and Petyr Baelish )

Other: Say Yes to Gay YA, in which agents demonstrate a level of cynicism and heterosexism that should be shocking but sadly isn't and in which writers stand up for the queer characters and elements in their books. Go represent.
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Third verse, same as the first. It's starting to occur to me that I don't actually have any icons on this account for this fandom. Spoilers killed Dumbledore.

Day 3: Lady Stark )
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We Love the Women Fandom Hates week continues today with day 2, In Which We Address A Pretty Large And Uncomfortable-Looking Elephant In The Room: so why does fandom hate Catelyn so much?

Spoilers as always for the books. Longer than the other days' posts, probably.

Day 2: So What's the Problem with Catelyn Stark? )
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Hi there, all. You're reading this post because I made the perhaps ill-considered decision to sign up for We Love the Women Fandom Hates and commit to posting one thing every day for a week on the topic of Lady Catelyn Stark nee Tully, of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones fame, a major protagonist in the A Song of Ice and Fire series who's probably also, of the protagonists, the most universally hated by fandom. Obviously, I think this is a problem. So before I go into today's mini-essay, I'll start off with kind of a mission statement for the week: what I hope to accomplish by writing about Cat Stark. This is going to be restricted to the books for the sake of scope and consistency, but a lot of this stuff also holds true of the Game of Thrones TV series.

I'm not here to convince anyone to love Cat. Realistically, not everyone will fall in love with every sympathetic character, especially in a series like ASoIaF when so many of them are flawed, prejudiced, frustrating humans. On the scale of POV characters, Cat is maybe a tier 2 in intended hierarchy of reader sympathy -- principled and intelligent, but judgmental and unforgiving. Cat's a character you're supposed to care about, grin when she kicks ass, worry when she's in trouble, grit your teeth when she's stubborn or short-sighted. She's not perfect. She's not meant to be perfect. You're not meant to agree with everything she does. And I wouldn't set out to try to get anyone to: go ahead and dislike Catelyn. It doesn't mean you're a bad person. It doesn't even mean you're a misogynist. But hating her for misogynistic reasons does -- and I hope I can convince at least a few people not to dislike her for the wrong reasons. I think A Song of Ice and Fire is all the better for having her as a character, but to be able to appreciate that you have to appreciate her part in the story as a complex individual.

All of these are going to contain spoilers for the books and TV series.

Day 1: Cat Tully )
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[personal profile] eruthros's Top 100 SFF reader poll. It has its own hilarious skew, given "Shoebox Project" is on there among other things, but it's multimedia and if you're as interested as I am in how the demographics of this will bear out from a polling standpoint and not seeing the Shoebox Project make it onto the Top 100 anything, take a gander.

Aside from that, I have a few proposed movie titles to describe this weekend:

"Our Idiot Cat"
"Along Came Pippin"
"Me, Myself, and Pippin"
"Thoroughly Modern Pippin"
"Pippin & Me"
"Iron Cat"
"500 Days of Pippin"
"Breakfast at Pippin's"

It turns out our cat is basically Brick Tamland.

H/C Bingo

Jul. 5th, 2011 06:39 pm
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So I signed up for [community profile] hc_bingo. Ayup. But my card doesn't format correctly on the Dreamwidth default layout )

Truth be told, I find [community profile] hc_bingo to be charmingly absurd and straightforward in concept in a time when it's really, really uncool to admit you like stupid shit in fanfiction unironically. I also like bingoes because they have a maximum sense of accomplishment for a minimum time pressure, and also because you get a bingo card. There is something inherently appealing about bingo cards. Also, this challenge has soulbonding in it!! Soulbonding!!! What even is soulbonding??? Who knows!! Who cares!!!

Probably going to do a mixture of original and fandom on this one! Who knows, I'm sure I'll make up my mind in the eons of time allotted to make up my mind.

Regarding H/C, Exploitation, Fandom, and Why I'm Doing This )
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So, AO3 users, I need help again.  In the continuing adventures of Kinda Damning Questions About Tags And When To Use Them, does anyone have a simple rubric of what qualifies as "Graphic Depictions of Violence?"  Properly using the archive warnings is pretty important to me, you see, but it's occurring to me trying to label something new that... what constitutes "graphic" exactly?  Like, the others are fairly self-explanatory -- "Major Character Death," "Rape/Non-Con," "Underage," okay, those should probably do what they say on the tin, if your story contains one of these things you check the ticky box and move on.  But the archive warning doesn't say "Depictions of Violence."  It says "Graphic Depictions of Violence."  It's like a double frigging rainbow.  What does it mean?

I am starting to sound like I'm trying to evade the violence warning.  I'm really not -- I'm happy to slap it on, I just don't want to misrepresent what my fic actually contains.  Like, obviously not every fic where one person punches another person gets this tag.  On the other hand, my one AO3 story so far that's warranted it had a vivid description of what someone's head looked like after multiple gunshots, which seemed like a -- ... no... brainer.

... anyway, Graphic Depictions of Violence: what gives?  Does it matter how grievous the damage resulting?  Would a loving description of a papercut count?  What about a cursory one of a decapitation?  (There are no papercuts or decapitations in my story.)  I've heard a "if it could trigger someone" standard put forth, which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, frankly, triggers are as wide-ranging and personal as anything and I'd be arrogant to try to set forth a universal bar for it.  However, barring that, I'm really not sure what the going standard is.  So would someone more active in fandom, or AO3 fandom, care to help me out? :D

Also, why do I keep writing things that need goddamned archive warnings?
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 Or, this was funny and vindicating enough that I actually felt the need to crosslink it from my Tumblr.  No, seriously, I'm glad to see more people catching on to the problems with current Doctor Who plotting, because it makes me want to bang my head on my monitor when I see fans eagerly swallowing everything their new fannish idol writes because it's part of their damn fannish squee or some shit, please, not another Joss Whedon.  And my monitor is a fragile flatscreen, so don't make me do this thing.

Anyway, some person I don't know but reblogged anyway wrote this script-style parody that basically encapsulates everything that's wrong with series 5-6 plotting in Doctor Who through "what if Steven Moffat wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles": Sherlock Holmes and the Problem of "Day of the Moon."

WATSON: Are you going to wrap up this story, or are you going to go off and lark about Cardiff?



HOLMES: He’s a criminal; Criminals are evil. You’ve read my stories before, you know how this works.

WATSON: Yes - and that’s not how I remember it. Besides you haven’t even bothered to tell *why* John Clayton was driven to use a gigantic hound to terrorise our good friend Sir Henry Baskervile to death and/or off his estate.

HOLMES: Oh? Hmmm… something to do with being in turn swindled… possibly revenge. Maybe an illegitimate pregnancy. Or not. Or both. I dunno. Let’s go solve more mysteries!

WATSON: But can’t we finish wrapping up this one first? Why did he use a gigantic hound? Why did it appear to glow green? Who was that tramp from the Moor and why was he attacked by the hound? And what the hell have you got on your head?


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