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So given that the last episode sucked, the episode before that sucked, the pilot sucked, and in fact the entire season, and the direction this season has been going, has sucked, I was not really expecting this episode not to suck so I didn't see it until [personal profile] relia badgered me into seeing it so she could complain about it to me. It lived up to expectations.

'I guess that's what happens anytime you put a woman and a black dude in charge of anything' )

Me: "It's like -- on the one hand, I know I'm never going to look like Michael Fassbender. But my consolation is, I'm also never going to look like Arthur Darvill."


[personal profile] relia: "Fucking Moffat. ... And his fucking tuffet."
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I have no idea what to say about this episode. Seriously, I'm not sure I can muster enough for bullet points. I guess:

- What?
- The sad part is that no matter how disjointed that was, I could still follow the plot, which put it above most of this season. Uh, until the end, anyway.
- What?
- Shut up, soundtrack. Doctor Who has the most overwrought soundtrack I've heard on a TV program recently. It's not succeeding in compelling me to feel things.
- What?
- Why is Doctor Who so obsessed with evil women and the havoc they wreak on sympathetic men? What is this, Supernatural?
- What??
- How is it we're six eps in and still haven't had a genuinely good one?
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As I said to [personal profile] relia earlier, "The Rebel Flesh" sounds like a romance novel. I thought "Rebel Flesh" sounded even more romantic, but she pointed out that with a comma it became an imperative "rebel, flesh!", sort of a "workers of the world, unite!" for post-Singularity times. Anyway, I am disappointed to report that The Rebel Flesh was not a romance novel. It was probably the most coherent ep of the season so far, despite being part one of a two-parter (the dreaded Moffat two-parter), and sort of played out like a low-rent but less bad version of The Hungry Earth. To wit:

Doctor Who 6.05 The Rebel Flesh )

Also, at B&N in Philadelphia today I got a B&N bookbag with Stephen Colbert's image emblazoned on it. Walking around wearing the lilac and carrying Stephenbag was like, the most flaming statement of my identity I have ever gotten the chance to wear on my person. I was so happy.
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Oh, goody, I have a Charles Vess icon for a Neil Gaiman-written episode.  You know, I had the highest hopes and the deepest fears about a Gaiman ep -- kind of the feelings Gaiman inspires in me overall, he hits-or-misses like a sniper taking out a target hiding in an explosives factory -- but it turns out neither were true.  The best thing I can say about this ep overall is that it was better than the previous three.

Doctor Who 6.04 The Doctor's Wife )
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 I kinda want to maintain the pretense of hard-workingness and reviews that are all the same length and match and tagged and stuff, but writing actual reviews for either of these things would impede my going to Wawa for coffee right now.  So no.

Thor: HNNGH.  [personal profile] relia  sort of told me I'd like this movie, but that didn't prepare me for how much I'd enjoy this movie.  I'm not really a Thor person.  I'm not really even a Marvel person.  However, I've got gonads and functioning eyeballs, and that did it.  I guess I should probably mention the pretty Asgardian CG and the funny dialogue and the charming derp personality they gave Thor, but really what I want to talk about is how blazingly attracted to Loki I was.  I'm not even kidding.  I agree 100% with [personal profile] relia 's verbatim "intense and burning desire to throw down Loki and fuck the everliving hell out of him all over the place."  I ain't ashamed.  The only thing capable of distracting me from this was the Jeremy Renner Hawkeye cameo, and you know my feelings on Jeremy Renner.  Or, you do now, then.  I guess this wasn't so much a movie review as a "lust rating."  I only live once.

Game of Thrones: It's getting harder and harder to review GoT because I know if I start I'll open the can of worms that is my ASoIaF opinion manifesto, but I will say -- they cut Tyrion's "Don't kill him here!"/"Don't kill him anywhere!" exchange!  Come on, they could have cut down Cat's speech a little more to accommodate some Tyrion wit!  Oh well, at least they did okay by Theon, by which I mean, finally mentioned his name.

Wow, this is the first time this icon has ever been topical.

EDIT: I was too busy moping that I'd never screw any fictional Norse gods that I forgot I watched Doctor Who today.  Or maybe I didn't want to remember.  Anyway, Doctor Who 6.03 - The Curse of the Black Spot: That was like a SyFy original movie released to try and surf the buzz surrounding the new PoTC movie.  I'm actually kind of embarrassed for DW.  It made the Slitheen episodes look like Hugo nominees.
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 Or, this was funny and vindicating enough that I actually felt the need to crosslink it from my Tumblr.  No, seriously, I'm glad to see more people catching on to the problems with current Doctor Who plotting, because it makes me want to bang my head on my monitor when I see fans eagerly swallowing everything their new fannish idol writes because it's part of their damn fannish squee or some shit, please, not another Joss Whedon.  And my monitor is a fragile flatscreen, so don't make me do this thing.

Anyway, some person I don't know but reblogged anyway wrote this script-style parody that basically encapsulates everything that's wrong with series 5-6 plotting in Doctor Who through "what if Steven Moffat wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles": Sherlock Holmes and the Problem of "Day of the Moon."

WATSON: Are you going to wrap up this story, or are you going to go off and lark about Cardiff?



HOLMES: He’s a criminal; Criminals are evil. You’ve read my stories before, you know how this works.

WATSON: Yes - and that’s not how I remember it. Besides you haven’t even bothered to tell *why* John Clayton was driven to use a gigantic hound to terrorise our good friend Sir Henry Baskervile to death and/or off his estate.

HOLMES: Oh? Hmmm… something to do with being in turn swindled… possibly revenge. Maybe an illegitimate pregnancy. Or not. Or both. I dunno. Let’s go solve more mysteries!

WATSON: But can’t we finish wrapping up this one first? Why did he use a gigantic hound? Why did it appear to glow green? Who was that tramp from the Moor and why was he attacked by the hound? And what the hell have you got on your head?


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