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More fuck-a-doodle-doo. These are fuck-a-doodle-doo times, I think. Anyway, I'd like to say that the current Oglaf says it all about why Sandoval is amazing and why Ivan/Sandoval is OglafTP (Mistress watches with disinterest). And also why Sandoval is amazing. Sandoval has basically become my favorite Oglaf character, which was difficult as he had to displace the I Wish We Had A Better Name To Refer To This Woman By Than "The Lesbian Mercenary" and Mistress and Mistress's lazy hawk. Oglaf really is the best NSFW mysteriously-popped-out-of-nowhere fantasy sex comedy webcomic there is, and still would be even if it wasn't the sole tenant of that category I just made up.

Hmm what else. I had to be making this post for a reason. Oh, right, I'm tired, and I did stuff over the weekend. Namely [personal profile] relia and I trotted up to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to visit [personal profile] mindsplinters, [personal profile] tatterpixie, and [personal profile] thez, as well as their cats Serendipity and Lennon. Lennon is a small god of cats walking this earth. He is the most enormous cat I have ever seen. He is actually a pillow in cat form, or possibly just a pillow in pillow form that has fur and emits purrs. He was basically the entire raison d'etre for the visit -- uh, aside from my friends, of course, beloved friends that they are, I definitely do not love their colossal cat more, I would never do a thing like that. I would definitely never ignore them to blow raspberries on Lennon's belly five more times. That does not sound like me at all.

We went to the Greek food festival there, the Allentown farmer's market, and a cute little brunch place called Sweet Memories, so overall it was kind of a food-tastic weekend. We also found a bench with some interesting graffiti on it, highlights including "Loki is a sunflower," "Loki is a good dancer," and "Loki is a penis whisperer" -- the last of which is, like, it's not just that he gives head, it's that he gives amazing head? You know, I doubt it would suit Loki's purposes to give subpar blowjobs anyway. I'm not sure it suits anyone's purposes to give subpar blowjobs, though. It's a handy skill. Anyway, I dunno what drug user (or disaffected Discordian, as the case may be) was responsible for that, but I'm glad the gang snapped pictures for posterity.

I was also laid off last week, but as I'm in the business of silver linings I would like to point out I can now get out of bed exactly when I feel like.
prodigy: "Blondie" from Leone's Old West trilogy accompanied by Pikachu. (Snipes thinks WTF?)
I don't know anyone who reads this and cares about Lackadaisy and hasn't read the latest three pages already -- I mean, come on, isn't that what being obsessed with a webcomic is all about -- but I'm using a spoilercut anyway for just-in-case.

Lackadaisy Scapegoat, Misdemeanor, Revenuer )

Sometime I'm going to make a big My Lackadaisy Plot Theories post for the rest of you not to care about. For the meantime, I'm going to keep wondering why in God's name if your name was Dorian you'd go by 'Zib?' Like, I get the storytelling necessity of not naming your characters overly sexy things like "Dorian," but come on, Zib!


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