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Stuff I've watched recently. Finished Baccano!, watched the first episode of The Hour on on-demand BBC America. I was tempted to Tumblr Save any mention of The Hour to avoid spoilers from now on, but [personal profile] relia rightly pointed out that I might have some problems if I literally censored the word "hour" from my dash.

The Hour: I'm doing this without spoilers so I can put Baccano! behind a spoiler cut. That being said, it's intriguing as hell and I don't know why they're marketing this like Mad Men when it looks much more like some hybrid of Twin Peaks, Veronica Mars, a Hitchcock film, and a noir homage to me -- we tuned in for Romola Garai, but are staying for the creepy and suspenseful cinematography and soundtrack designed successfully to keep a viewer on their toes and some intriguing characters. I guess people like comparing anything new to anything current and successful -- Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell got comparisons to practically every popular fantasy book on the market in hopes of snagging people. The Hour also sort of reminds me of Rubicon, set during the Cold War.

Spoilers for Baccano! )

So, yeah, watch Baccano!.
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The first thing I have to say about Otakon is that this July in Baltimore was sweltering. The second thing is that I gotta say, cosplaying puts a serious cramp in your congoing mobility if you're not used to it; there's a big difference between jetting around on your own, propless and comfortably dressed and fancy-free, and hauling ass in skintight baseball pants with your wooden bat over your shoulder and left-ear-deafening headset constricting your skull in its plastic jaws while stopping every ten seconds to pose for a picture with your Ma. And that's with a really easy costume. I can't even imagine how this went for Zora Link and Demo-kun*. The point is, the point at which I wanted to sit down and eat and take my headset off and not rush to the next thing I'd planned to do came a lot faster and harder than I was used to, which is something I'm going to have to take into consideration next time I go to something like this.

That being said, the third thing is that for the size of the con it really needed bigger rooms and better organization anyway, speaking as someone who never usually has problems making it to lots of panels at 100K+ San Diego Comic-Con. And the fourth thing is that it was really fun regardless and brought back a huge wave of fandom nostalgia, because since when do I go to anime conventions, anyway?

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My birthday is tomorrow! I can't remember if my birthday's ever fallen on a Tuesday before.

*this is not a typo
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[personal profile] prodigy: We're good! When we got home we just vegged, ordered food in, watched more Baccano! and Durarara!! (what's with the punctuation trend these days? Panic! at the Disco and all) and Beauty & the Beast since it was on TV.

[personal profile] thez : How much of Baccano! and Durarara!! did you watch?!?!?*?*

[personal profile] prodigy : Uh, like one episode of Durarara!!!$$#@@#% and two of Baccano!!!!!!!!!?????.....

[personal profile] thez : You'll have to let me know if Durarara!!!¡¡¡!!! starts making sense.

[personal profile] prodigy : I'""""***m afraid it hasn^^^t yet but I will keep you posted,,,,.


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