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 I'm not dead or a quitter, folks, just suffered some setbacks time-wise in terms of Yuletide deadline looming and some RL stuff!  Your regularly scheduled spam should be back on track soon enough. <3

Did I mention the Yuletide deadline looming?  Yuletide, deadline, looming.

31 Days

Nov. 30th, 2010 02:30 pm
prodigy: "Blondie" from Leone's Old West trilogy accompanied by Pikachu. (Sherlock goes hmm)
I'm glad I'm doing 31_days on a month that actually has 31_days, as it would bother something deep down in the soul of me to say I was doing "31_days" in, say, February.


I'm doing 31_days -- yes, and Yuletide, which might sound crazy to you but that would be underestimating how delightfully short 31_days fics can be and how undelightfully long it is till December 25 compared to my attention span. Forewarning: these are all original/RP characters. However: I swear to God they're entertaining original/RP characters. For those of you on my small (but bigger once I start DW socializing more, I hope!) flist who don't know the 'verses/could use some brushing-up I have provided a helpful, abbreviated guide to shit you have never heard of:

Project Great Divide: An OC Team Fortress 2 project. This means it involves spy-fi, the 60s, capers, science fiction, intreeg, a multinational ragtag band of misfits and dudes having sex. Space and/or high school AUs might happen. ("GD")

Underhill: A dark political historical fantasy project. This means it involves late-Regency early-Victorian shenanigans, demons, otherworlds, magic, politics, murder, social rank and a dragon. Buffy and/or college AUs might happen. ("UH")

In the Name of the Moon: The third-wankiest RPG I have ever been in which died in a dramasplosion, but I have a couple characters from I'm still attached to. Anything might happen. ("NotM")

Echo Bazaar: This amazing game which in no way belongs to me, but in which me, [personal profile] relia and [personal profile] red_shed have OCs we fool around with (Jack Hinks, international ho of mystery; Avery Reading, androgynous urchin of mystery; Meredith Raglan, tenacious detective of, uh, mystery). ("EB")

Prompts go here )

Also other stuff might happen.  I figure I  should always put that disclaimer.


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