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May. 27th, 2017 12:23 am
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The deadline is June 3, but this can be extended if you need more time. Both pinch hits are requesting fanfic, which should be a minimum of 1000 words. Please comment on this post with your Ao3 username if you're able to take either pinch hit!

Pinch hit #8: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV), Eroica Yori Ai o Komete | From Eroica with Love, Life on Mars (UK)

Pinch hit #9: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Teen Wolf (TV)

ObWeekly Post v.3.1: Vegas Edition

May. 22nd, 2017 10:31 am
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Greetings from Las Vegas! ^__^ Thursday saw me getting another Golden Ticket (TSA Precheck), much to my delight, and Friday I finished packing and Angie drove me down to Philly. My flights were uneventful, save for the flight to Vegas being half an hour late. This likely resulted in the 45-minute wait I had to pick up my rental car, though I'm sure the handful of argumentative, combative customers didn't help either. Got my car, though, and ended up arriving at my mum's house around 2.30 in the morning, Pacific time, which equates to 5.30am Eastern time. I WAS CRISPY by then. Stayed crispy on Saturday, just flopped and took a bath and didn't go out to get supplies til Sunday. But I have beer and other necessaries, so all is good. XD

Currently at Las Vegas, NV at 7.28am: Clear
Temp: 74F (feels like 77F)
Humidity: 29% (dewpoint 40F)
Pressure: 29.99"
Winds: Variable[direction, speed]
Forecast: Sunny, high 95F, low 70F

Back in Bethlehem last week, it got HOT just before I left. Highs on Wednesday approached 90F, and Thursday topped it, which is deeply unusual for mid-May. This week in Vegas, it's going to warm up into the 90s and 100s after a cool, pleasant May. But I won't be here, I'll be in Alameda! The weather there this week looks to be cooling down into the 60s after a warm spell. Yay!

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  • How many drinks does it...? (Prytaneum)
  • From One Trickster to Another (ItNotM)
  • Some Light Research (ItNotM)
  • Welcome Home (ItNotM)
  • Putting The Band Together (ItNotM)
  • Shipping and Receiving (ItNotM)
  • My Favorite Punching Bag (ItNotM)
  • continue with scribalry practice
  • reading: A New History of the Picts (still -- I haven't picked it up in awhile XD)
  • reading: Quiet
  • reading: Parsival, or A Knight's Tale
Weekly Things Checklist:
  • Thing Arted: nothing
  • Thing Writed: nothing
  • Thing Cleaned: dishes and laundry and trash
I leave in about an hour or so for the Bay Area! It's mostly going to be a restful visit, but there's some fun things planned. ^__^ First, breakfast!
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Sewing patterns are designed for imaginary
people, based on average measurements
taken in the 1930s by the WPA

and adjusted over the decades by the Industry.

I sew a Misses 14, designed for a woman
5'5" to 5'6", 36/28/38,

which is to say no one,

so I alter the pattern to fit a phantom of me
instead of a phantom of her.

She doesn't need any more dresses.

Drive-By Review: Evolution (2015)

May. 15th, 2017 03:22 pm
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I make a point of trying to seek out and watch horror movies by female directors, especially ones that come with a recommendation, and the general consensus on Lucile Hadžihalilović's Evolution (2015)--which I agree with, BTW--is that it crossbreeds Lynch with Lovecraft, which sounded really keen. So when it turned up on Netflix, I checked it out.

The film has some of the most beautiful imagery I've seen in quite some time, especially in its underwater shots. It begins with a boy (Nicholas) swimming in the ocean, off the rocky shore of a small island entirely inhabited by creepy red-headed women and eleven- to thirteen-year-old boys. Nicholas tells his mother he found the corpse of another boy grown into the coral and snagged in the weeds, a startling red starfish nesting on his abdomen; his mother tells him he must have imagined it, but late at night we see her emerge from the sea with the corpse in her arms, then watch her and the other women burn it on the beach.

Things continue in this way, with dialogue at a minimum and creepy shit at a maximum. Nicholas ends up in hospital for a supposedly long-standing illness which requires multiple abdominal surgeries; his ward is full of other boys with similar abdominal incisions, all in various stages of healing. Sometimes boys are taken away and put into a tank full of seawater, from which they only occasionally emerge alive. At night, the doctors, nurses and mothers all assemble to watch films of caesarian operations, one of which pulls back at one point to reveal the caesarian being performed on an obviously male figure with a massively swollen abdomen.

Nicholas develops a crush on Stella, a nurse who takes him down to the sea at night and lets him touch the suckers on her back before swimming down into the sea with him until he starts to drown, at which point she pulls him back to shore a resuscitates him. On another night journey, Nicholas and his friend Victor follow their mothers down to the shore; Victor freaks out and runs away, but Nicholas persists, spying on his mother and the other mothers rolling around naked in mud in a vaguely starfish-shaped pattern. Later, he watches her shower the mud off to reveal more suckers on her back, and after that, he refuses to acknowledge her as his mother anymore.

Victor dies after his last surgery, but Stella's treatments--which may eventually have caused Nicholas to grow gills--seem to do the trick in Nicholas's case, in that he wakes up from HIS last surgery to find himself in the tank, with a really freaky-looking baby floating near him. Shortly after that, Stella steals Nicholas from the ward, pushes him out to sea on a dinghy and abandons him in the middle of the waves, allowing the current to pull him away from the island. He wakes up to find himself drifting into a brightly-lit harbor full of people who probably don't even know "his" island exists.

What's important to understand about all of this, though, is that even if I recall most of the above in some detail, I can't remember whether much of it occurs in the same order I've just placed it in. The film seems to drift from point to point, devoid of explanation for almost anything; time is marked and punctuated by weird lingering shots on stuff like the conch shell one nurse presents the ward of boys with after Victor supposedly "recovers" and moves away, or the grave the boys dig for what looks like a decayed, inside-out horseshoe crab, or the strange scribbly pencil-drawings Nicholas makes not just of (say) the boy's corpse and the starfish but really normal stuff too, exotic only by virtue of where he lives, like ferris wheels and dogs.

The music is hypnotic, but there's a lot of silence and sea-sounds as well, a uterine heartbeat sort of pulse underneath much of the action. It's definitely not the sort of movie where things build to much of a climax, but rather something cyclical and natural, a pattern of growth vs. die-off that's repeated itself an infinite number of times. Nothing that happens appears to interrupt it.

Moreover, the Moon ---

May. 15th, 2017 11:50 am
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Face of the skies
over our wonder.

truant of heaven
draw us under.

Silver, circular corpse
your decease
infects us with unendurable ease,

touching nerve-terminals
to thermal icicles

Coercive as coma, frail as bloom
innuendoes of your inverse dawn
suffuse the self;
our every corpuscle become an elf.
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Did pretty much nothing all last week. XD Finalized my travel plans for Vegas and the Bay Area, booked a new car rental because I never heard back from the first one I booked when I initially made the reservation and got a better deal. XD So I'm all set! And Friday we went to Panera for productivity times, and lo, we were productive. XD

Sunday we went to see The Fifth Element on the big screen at the Rave down in Center Valley! It was the 20th Anniversary Celebration event, so they showed a little bit with Luc Besson before the movie, plus a bit on Besson's new movie Valerian (which looks AWESOME). The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I never saw it in a theater; I picked up on so much stuff that I have missed watching it on tv, it was wonderful! Such a delight to see it again, in a nearly packed theater. ^___^ Afterwards we went to Red Robin because none of us had eaten dinner yet. XD Then we came home and watched the latest ep of American Gods (which is fantastic). ^_^

Currently at Bethlehem, PA, USA at 10.28am: Mostly cloudy
Temp: 59F (feels like 59F)
Humidity: 49% (dewpoint 40F)
Pressure: 29.83"
Winds: NW 17mph with gusts to 32mph
Forecast: Mostly sunny and breezy, high 67F, low 47F

This has been a weird spring. We got hit by a nor'easter on the weekend, though not as bad as they were predicting, and for most of the rest of the week before that the temperatures didn't top 60. This week is going to be another weird one, except in the other direction, with highs in the 80s to near 90. o_O

Walking to Rivendell:
You have walked 386.2 miles.
You have passed Three Stone Trolls.
It is 11.8 miles to the next landmark.
You have 71.8 miles to reach Rivendell.

Went to the gym on Friday, despite my knee and hips hurting. It was good ^___^

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  • How many drinks does it...? (Prytaneum)
  • Some Light Research (ItNotM)
  • EVENT -- Destiny's Star Hospital Children's Craft Table (ItNotM) -- DONE
  • Putting The Band Together (ItNotM)
  • Shipping and Receiving (ItNotM)
  • My Favorite Punching Bag (ItNotM)
  • continue with scribalry practice
  • reading: A New History of the Picts (still -- I haven't picked it up in awhile XD)
Weekly Things Checklist:
  • Thing Arted: nothing
  • Thing Writed: OMG TAGS
  • Thing Cleaned: dishes and catbox
This Friday I leave for Vegas! ^__^ I have to do laundry and pack and that's about it. XD Oh, I also need to fit Angie's car with the EZ-Pass -- can't forget that!


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