prodigy: "Blondie" from Leone's Old West trilogy accompanied by Pikachu. (pikachu rider)

Yellow gingham on the bed, remember?

And the canopy in red, or was it blue?

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Name:the late, or rather, later Henrik Egerman
Birthdate:Aug 2
Website:I'm a little man and I'm also evil, also into cats
But at my back I always hear
Time's winged chariot hurrying near;

Tumblr ; AO3.

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12 biographies of napoleon, a little night music, a song of ice and fire, a.s. byatt, age of sail, alan moore, andrew plotkin, ankh-morpork, arcadia, arkham horror, asian invasion, baccano!, batman, black swan, boats, books, booster gold, brienne of tarth, broadway, bubble tea, catch-22, cats, chaos theory, charles dickens, chicago, classics, coffee, costuming, dcu, de pijp, descriptivism, determinism, discworld, dolphins, dorian zibowski, dorothy parker, dungeons and dragons, dylan thomas, echo bazaar, emily short, eva green, fantasy, fashion, fat lennon, fencing, fiction, final fantasy ix, freddie mercury, fullmetal alchemist, game of thrones, george r.r. martin, gluten free, grantaire, great big sea, hellblazer, henry v, history, horror, hot fuzz, how do they rise up, hugh laurie, if, inform 7, interactive fiction, iron men and wooden ships, italian, jaime lannister, james jean, jane austen, jeremy renner, john watson, jon stewart, jonathan strange and mr norrell, jorge luis borges, kink, kiss me hardy, lackadaisy, language, latin, les miserables, liechtenauer, lingua italiana, lingua latina, literature, locke lamora, lolita, lucifer, mitzi may, mordecai heller, morpheus, octavian nothing, overthinking, pacifism, philosophy, piano, poetry, pop culture, postcolonialism, queen, rome, roy mustang, sam vimes, sandman, sansa stark, satire, science fiction, sexuality, sff, sherlock holmes, simon pegg, sodomy, stephen colbert, stephen sondheim, storynexus, swimming, terry pratchett, tf2, the colbert nation, the fall of the roman republic, the history plays, the lord of the rings, the napoleonic wars, the prestige, the princess bride, the prisoner, the raven king, the tempest, theatre, theology, tom stoppard, travel, tumblr, tv tropes, vanity, vertigo, vicipaedia, victoriana, vladimir nabokov, watchmen, william shakespeare, writing, xkcd
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