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the late, or rather, later Henrik Egerman ([personal profile] prodigy) wrote2011-03-31 11:09 pm
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More Yuletide stuff

 So you know how I mentioned thinking about what I'm going to request for Yuletide this year?  And you know how I mentioned not being able to sleep last night?  And you know how I mentioned pink highlighter?

OKAY SO.  I wrote this list of general possible Yuletide requests I might want to put in when the challenge rolls around this winter -- look, stop looking at me like that, I'm always idly pondering it by this point, it's just this time I am admitting it on paper -- with pros and cons.  I do not expect anyone to give a half-baked shit other than myself.

- Sleep No More in general.
WHY I SHOULD: It's awesome.  It's awesome.  It's awesome.  There's potential for all kinds of interpretive nontraditional creativity in this fandom, as writing fic for it inherently involves your theories as to what actually happened.  The kind of person who'd sign up for this would be awesome.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: Like no one has heard of it, like, possibly even too much of a 'no one' for Yuletide, the annual 'like no one has heard of it' challenge.  It would be really hard to research for.  [personal profile] metonymy  or [personal profile] relia  would probably wind up getting assigned to me.

- Arcadia, Bernard/Hannah.
WHY I SHOULD: I just saw Arcadia, which is like having my vows renewed.  Fandom is too obsessed with Septimus and Thomasina.  Bernard was more flawed than Valentine, so I like him better.  The sinners have much more fun.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: I just saw Arcadia.  This is clearly an impulse buy.  I'll probably forget about it by October.

- The Janissary Tree, Yashim/Preen.
WHY I SHOULD: They had a bunch of UST.  I <3 Preen.  Fandom needs more positive trans female characters.  Seriously, they had a bunch of UST, wut.  The time period is cool.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: I haven't actually read past the first one, so it could be it gets either jossed or validated and I have no idea.  I may not actually read past the first one, as desire to see Yashim and Preen hook up was like my sole investment in the thing.

- Questionable Content, Sven/Faye.
WHY I SHOULD: Isn't self-indulgence what YT is for?  Sven is my favorite.  He and Faye had chemistry.  I don't really like Angus.  Ergo.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: It's a webcomic -- could totally get jossed or validated by the time YT rolls around, rendering this useless.

- Lackadaisy, Zib/Mitzi.
WHY I SHOULD: I, uh, I kind of ship it.  Lackadaisy fandom needs some fics in it that aren't about Viktor and Mordecai.  Mitzi May is the boss.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: Webcomic, again, might not last till October canon-wise.  I kind of already wrote a Lackadaisy fic and I have this nebulous aversion to fandom double-dipping.

- Lackadaisy, Viktor/Mordecai.
WHY I SHOULD: You know, people request this up and down, self included, and yet I never see any fic that puts the / in the Viktor/Mordecai.  Fandom.  Come on.  What is the haps here.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: On top of the usual webcomic thing, not only did I kind of already write a Lackadaisy fic but I kind of already wrote a Lackadaisy fic ABOUT THESE CHARACTERS and it was really long and in conclusion this is not what I want to be in my obituary.  Also the idea of Tracy Butler finding this terrifies me, ever since she read my 2009 fic and gave me a heart attack.  I guess the solution to this all is "get a friend to request this, like a weaselly coward."

- Written on the Body, Narrator/Louise.
WHY I SHOULD: Okay, surely someone in YT has heard of THIS one, right?
WHY I SHOULDN'T: Fandoms where one of the characters is named "Narrator" often bode ill.

- Lucifer, Lucifer/Mazikeen.
WHY I SHOULD: This used to be like, my big Vertigo OTP.  "I am your soldier."  "I know.  Stand easy."  It was dead sexy.  In this case I would definitely request no gen-tinged-with-pairing please, I'd want some / and I'd want it hard.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: You know, I haven't actually reread Lucifer in years.  It could be I wouldn't ship it any more.  The thought troubles me, but it's more than possible.  The film of nostalgia isn't actually helpful for determining whether something is actually any good any more.

- Possession, Randolph Henry Ash/Christabel LaMotte.
WHY I SHOULD: I love this book and can never get enough of good style-mimicry for it.  I still find their chapter together to be one of my favorites as far as romance in literature.  They reference Andrew Marvell.  It's Possession.
WHY I SHOULDN'T: Fic already exists, in terms of passing it over for something that doesn't.  I'm way more interested in Christabel than I am in Randolph.  The window of canon timeframe is small, so creativity would have to be exercised.

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