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Yuletide Letter 2015

Hello, Yuletide writer! Hello, journal I use once a year! Thank you so much in advance for writing for me--I'm tremendously excited for the results. First off, don't sweat it, no pressure, and everything of that nature: if you have an idea you're passionate about that bends or breaks one of the preferences I express in this letter, I'd much rather read the fic you want to write than the fic I envisioned. You can consult my AO3 account and my Tumblr for more information about me and my likes. If you have any further questions, feel free to consult my friend [personal profile] relia or the mods, as suits you.

I like: plot and character arcs; canon-divergence what-if AUs; humor, whether wry and bittersweet or screwball; family relationships and friendships; politics (in the sense of in-universe maneuvering); adventure and hijinks; angst and bad things and tragedy (where applicable); world and backstory development.

I'm not so into: fluff; pure introspection; PWP.

As for other preferences: I love interactive fiction! I normally am all down with Crueltide but I don't know if any of my prompts suit it this year--if some particularly nasty idea gets into your head, though, go for it, I don't have any particular squicks. As for Yuleporn, I'm totally fine with and happy with sex being incorporated into the fic at large, but I don't necessarily like PWP, as I said.

Lymond Chronicles (Francis Crawford, Richard Crawford): I love the Crawford family dynamic altogether and Francis and Richard's is my favorite, particularly in The Game of Kings. I'm open to backstory fic and AUs and futurefic, angst and screwball comedy, basically a whole range of things. What were they like together when Francis was a child or teenager and their sister was alive? Alternately, what might have happened if things had gone a little more wrong between them in The Game of Kings? Sybilla, Mariotta, Eloise, Philippa, and others in their lives are more than welcome. Incest is also more than welcome, but by no means expected.

So the thing about Lymond's relationship with his brother is that it tends to be adorable and/or really horrible, and often both at the same time, IMO. You can definitely choose which you want to write about, or the combination. Either Francis and Richard are on the same page, in which case they have a fairly delightful banter dynamic where they both necessarily undercut the other one, with a great deal of trust and brotherly love and blah blah blah, or they're disastrously not. Because Francis is pulling some typical secretive bullshit. And Richard is overreacting. So this relationship lends itself to angst and humor, and angsty humor--my favorite! Mix and match as you like.

Backstory fic is totally up my alley if you want to write it: I'd be interested in what Lymond was like before he blossomed into the thoroughly ridiculous creature we know and love--probably a moderately ridiculous creature. Alternately, I love me some canon divergence AUs, so if you want to throw Richard more into the plot of Queens' Play or Pawn, go right ahead: or terrible trashier versions of Game of Kings, I'm also down for those, cough cough.

A word on incest--I ship them, but I by no means expect you to, so feel free to go there if you already want to go there. I can only see that in an incredibly painful, charged, angsty light, though; it's basically one of the worst of all possible worlds for them. Which I really love. Sigh.

Hamilton (Aaron Burr): Leslie Odom Jr.'s Aaron Burr is such a charming, glorious mess and I would love a take on the historical figure inspired by his performance and Miranda's imagining--level of outside research totally optional and up to you. I'd be happy to read genfic about Burr as a character, a snapshot of a time in his life, particularly his presidential campaign and vice presidency; if you're interested in historical AU based on the idea of him winning the election (yikes!) with or without Hamilton speaking against him, go for it! Otherwise: I'm totally down with Burr/Hamilton, requited or un-, and you can sell me on just about anything else too really.

So, Leslie Odom Jr. The best, or the best? What a dreamy jerk. Anyway. I just became enamored of the combination of his performance/Miranda's presentation/Chernow's interpretation, and I'd be happiest with any kind of fic about his life, whether it's about stuff that happened (his youth, his marriage and daughter, the trajectory of his [one-sided] rivalry with Alexander Hamilton, his political career, his campaign and subsequent career as Vice President, the aftermath of his duel with Hamilton) or stuff that didn't (what if he attained the kind of success that he sought? What would he have done with it? Probably nothing particularly good; what if he too deloped in his duel with Hamilton and they both survived?) I recognize that bona fide alternate history is a tad more intimidating to write than the typical canon-divergence AU, however, so do what you like!

What I enjoy most about Hamilton's Burr is how much he is and genuinely isn't a Salieri or a Javert figure in Alexander Hamilton's life--I like that his failings aren't reduced wholly to obsession, and some of the tragedy is in the strengths he's unable to recognize in himself or deploy the way he should. However, he is rather obsessed, and there's no getting around that. By that token, I'm not at all averse to Burr/Hamilton; I see it as unrequited, but I could very easily be sold on it not being in some way, it's all up to you.

As for inclusion of other characters, feel free--his wives and his dear Theodosia especially, as well as any of the rest of the cast you feel inclined towards. I have a special fondness for Daveed Diggs' Jefferson in all his douchey splendor; I also enjoy Washington and Madison. Whatever floats your historical boat.

80 Days (Jean Passepartout, Phileas Fogg): Passepartout and Fogg have an adorable and frankly hilarious relationship in 80 Days and I was thrilled to see the romantic angle on it elevated to canon during the polar expedition storyline. So while I'd love fic set during or after the journey through the North Pole, I'd also love just about any other alternate branch of the journey or possible adventure in the world of 80 Days: how about that airship crash in the Pacific? Or something that doesn't exist yet that you want to invent?

Man, 80 Days is a ride. I do want to say right off that if you're not in the mood to write pairing fic and you'd rather write whirlwind genfic that captures the canon spirit of the game, go right ahead. What I mostly want is fic for this delightful fandom, and I'll be happy with pretty much anything. This is the fandom where I'd also be most totally impressed with IF--what you'd do with an IF platform, be it parser or Twine or whatever, for this fandom would pretty much be guaranteed to blow me away. So yeah, if that crosses your mind, I'd be chuffed. Otherwise, in the line of gen, give me an otherwise unknown runthrough of the game through places the map doesn't visit, or else an incident in a place that it does; the possibilities are pretty much limitless within the gameworld.

As for Passepartout, Fogg, and Passepartout/Fogg: I do totally ship it. But I just think it's cute whether or not it's romantic. It's certainly unevenly balanced and Fogg is a distant, snobbish paramour to chase, but damn if Passepartout won't do anything for him anyway. Their dynamic is basically lighthearted and funny and occasionally touching, and that's what I'd prefer for them, as opposed to any severe drama: they get into life-and-death scrapes but the majority of their conflict is over Monsieur Foggy-Fogg's damned inconvenient travel demands.

I'd love the equivalent of casefic in this world, too--I'm not that into steampunk but I actually adore 80 Days' steampunk, the ambulatory cities and the different classes of airship technology and the animal automata all. This is a fandom where I'd be happy to read about your OCs, too, or OCs developed from canon characters that get cameos, so feel free to use your imagination there.