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Rereading The Ladies of Grace Adieu

"He is blushing," said Jonathan Strange, raising his eyes from the newspaper. "We have come, Henry, with the sole purpose of seeing Miss Parbringer (of whom you write so much) and when we have seen her, we will go away again."

"Indeed? Well, I hope to invite Mrs Field and her niece to meet you at the earliest opportunity."

"Oh, there is no need to trouble yourself," said Strange, "for we have brought telescopes. We will stand at bedroom windows and spy her out, as she goes about the village."

Strange did indeed get up and go to the window as he spoke. "Henry," he said, "I like your church exceedingly. I like that little wall that goes around the building and the trees, and holds them all in tight. It makes the place look like a ship. If you ever get a good strong wind then church and trees will all sail off together to another place entirely."

Jonathan Strange is basically from another planet. This is why he is the best. Regency-set books are full of male characters who are irritating macho douchebags dark and brooding, or at best, manly and honorable (yawn); if only more of them were complete space cadets. He's like the lost, ginger Lovegood.
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I've been meaning to read this book. I'll have to get around to buying it because it looks like it's right up my alley.
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And Blakeman.
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GOD, RIGHT. "The lost, ginger Lovegood"-- no, shit, that's perfect. He could wear radish earrings except they would clash with his hair.
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SDKGJLKD? OH NO. oh you're…. completely correct…… wow I wish Ravenclaw's colors had been WHITE and BLACK instead of that bronze and blue stuff but uh anyway I just. Yes. Except I would argue for Arabella being a Hufflepuff, she's a little too levelheaded and generous for Gryffindor

unlike, say, Emma Pole, her really intolerant Gryffindor girlfriend


I reread this book like a month ago but maybe I will do it again, it is better than being carried back to the Lord of the Rings by a Hobbit-induced nostalgia wave
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Yeah, I mean, there's loads of latitude within any given house, and Arabella in the Lupin mode I can see, although I would pin Stephen Black more for that type, actually. And I am honestly so excited for tumblr to make a million gifs of Emma Pole. And to do that thing where they make the really attractive photoset and then tag it with several hundred words of puerile pseudo-poetic rambling about how great and inspiring x lady character is and how she is their queen, which I have trouble with when it's, like, Cersei, but could totally accept for Lady Pole, in the crowded square, with the revolver.
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TAG META IS MY WORST ENEMY. I grumble about it all the time and am sadly unable to be nicer even when in the same internet zone as people who write it. It is the worst when it's in Celebration Of Awesome Ladies, but also pretty awful when it's strewing Biblical metaphors randomly across the bottom of a picture of any given character with a piece of fruit, or falling off a building, and-- and--… I have a lot of pent-up bile on the subject, is what I am trying to say, despite the fact that I release it at every opportunity. Excuse me. I'll stop now.

(please write that fic, oh my god. OR I MEAN. I need to stop heedlessly urging you to write highly specific fic for tiny fandoms that get no readers, but… it's a compulsion… yes I just want Stephen Black to be an incredibly important crossroads king and get bent into all manner of footnote-worthy anecdotes and legends and wow, okay, in modern times--it could be like Neverwhere but actually good!!)
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HAHAHAHA. Yeah, if only. Alternatively, if only it were possible to pick at people's analyses relentlessly without looking like a douche. And being a douche, I guess. :( I would be on that.

Among my first experiences with explicitly labelled Urban Fantasy was Holly Black's ~~grody faerie underworld stuff, which, followed up shortly after by Neverwhere, gave me the sadly misplaced conviction that a considerable amount of urban fantasy would deal with shifting halfworlds clinging to the underside of this one and competing present-day mythologies, and that somewhere in the mass there was therefore something that was bound to be awesome, and then… this story doesn't really have a conclusion, except perhaps "I tripped over Harry Dresden once and fell flat on my face." Alas. It was probably painful.