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the late, or rather, later Henrik Egerman ([personal profile] prodigy) wrote2012-12-01 03:07 am
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BBC One's doing Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

 So I guess you've all probably heard enough about this if you follow me on any other social platforms, but I don't even caaaaare, I'm in that floaty bubble where you mostly have not started thinking about all the ways the BBC could mess up that thing you care about.

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First of all: nice gif (from an awesome film)!

Second, I feel your pain. Apparently BBC is going to be making some kind of a serialized Musketeer thing, which on the one hand could be my fantasy, but will more likely cause me to masochistically stab myself in the eye over and over again. :P

Third, that book is awesome and I wish I didn't have a memory span of a goldfish and remembered it in more detail. :(
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A perfect example of the pathology you describe is their "Hollow Crown: Richard II". (Don't know if you're into that, but...) The whole thing was superbly done until the very end, when it dissolved into WTF and WHYYYY!