Sep. 30th, 2016

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Hi Yuletide writer! First, thank you so much in advance for writing for me, and I hope you enjoy your Yuletide to the fullest. I haven’t been very active on Dreamwidth for years, but if you’re interested in finding out more about me or my fandom interests, I’m on Tumblr at ourlightsinvain -- or you can feel free to consult my good friend [personal profile] relia/lifecrystals if you have any additional questions.

My AO3 name is prodigy and my previous Yuletide letters can be found here. But honestly, I’m pretty easy, so don’t worry about it!

I like: all ratings; first, second, and third-person POVs; past and present tense; linear and non-linear storytelling; canon divergence AUs; backstory and post-canon fic; humor, even or especially in dark fic; angst and tragedy and darkness (with or without a happy ending); uneven power dynamics; explicit sex and porn in a non-PWP story; families and friendships; imaginative worldbuilding.

I don’t like: PWP; crossovers and fusions; setting-based AUs (college AUs, historical AUs, etc.); fluff.

Other preferences: I love shipfic, especially for the ships I’ve requested, but feel free to include other pairings if I haven’t specifically asked otherwise. I adore interactive fiction and would be delighted to receive it for any of my prompts. For Crueltide: I love darkfic and I think the request of mine that best suits it this year is Ex Machina -- see below if interested. Please don’t feel limited to that fandom, however! If darkness strikes your fancy for any of my prompts, I’d be very happy.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke )

Lymond Chronicles - Dorothy Dunnett )

Ex Machina (2015) )

トーマの心臓 | Thomas no Shinzou | The Heart of Thomas )


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