Jan. 3rd, 2013

prodigy: Julius Caesar from HBO's Rome painted and adorned for his triumph. (it was a wicked and wild wind)
Dad: Can yoyu translate "mutatis mutandis"?

me: yeah, it's an idiom - meaning, roughly, changing what is to be changed, or changing what must be changed
only the necessary changes

Dad: you googled it? :D

me: nah, but i didn't translate it either
i recognized it
so i can't really take the credit
taking a crack at the grammar from scratch though, it's not a complete sentence, but then again, most things like this aren't
it's like, a clause you'd put in a sentence about something else to qualify it
(it's funny you should ask, i'm reading a novel right now about greek/latin/classics students at a college)

Dad: can you translate "I came... I saw... I made bugs" ?

Me: haha okay
i don't know the declension for insectum off the top of my head, so i'm going to assume it's... 3rd, i think
veni, vidi, feci insecta
if you literally mean bugs as in the creepy crawlies
and not 'mistakes'

Dad: thanks :)

Me: perhaps if you're making a programming language
err, programming reference

Dad: yeah

Me: what you're looking for is veni, vidi, feci errata

Dad: "bugs" would be "defects"

Me: yeah, i'd go with errata

Dad: ok!

: ... later that same day...


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