Feb. 12th, 2012

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I'm watching The Walking Dead's midseason premiere right now, though it could be that by the time I post this I'm not watching it any more. TWD is pretty much the only show I am fairly sure I can watch season-beginning to season-end without getting sick of weekly TV; I get TV'd out pretty fast, but nothing short of some serious shark-jumping (it happens) could quell my TWD addiction. It's quality. I love me some flawed post-apocalyptic survival drama, it's a nice break from all the Downtons and HBO Original Series of the world where the plot continges on the characters' selective muteness. You know I love Downton and Rome, but come on.

ETA: Wow, TWD, you give my heart my favorite chills.

Snagged a meme from [personal profile] metonymy:

Second, [personal profile] brilligspoons did a meme whereby she posted about seven topics someone gave her and then people commented asking for more topics, like unto the questions meme of old. I'm a sucker for this sort of thing and also trying to post more here instead of on tumblr, thus: rambling.

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Hit me up for topics if you like.


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