Dec. 27th, 2011

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Yulerecs! I rest from a frantic cleaning all-nighter to work on this! This wouldn’t have happened if I ever cleaned otherwise! Why do I do this to myself!

First, I have my two awesome gifts, one a full-length Yulegift and one a treat. My gift from my assigned writer was the amazing and atmospheric Ulula cum lupis, cum quibus esse cupis, a full-length Sleep No More story written so perfectly to my request that I can only assume that my writer read my letter/journal up and down -- it's a chronicle of a guest's surreal experience at the McKittrick Hotel, so thank you so much, writer, for getting everything right. I also received a neat little treat in the form of Breathe, an introspective drabble-length The Debt fic from the perspective of Rachel Singer: thank you, anonymous Santa #2!

There are a lot of other amazing fics in the archive, though, and some of my personal favorites were:

@MayorEmanuel, American Horror Story, Black Swan, Echo Bazaar, Game of Thrones, Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Mulan/Twisted Princesses, Nightrunner, These Old Shades, Tron )


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