Nov. 15th, 2011

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Hello, hello, hello! I'm going to take a page from everyone else's Yuletide book and say: welcome to Yuletide if you haven't been here before, and welcome back to it if you have. This is my seventh year with Yuletide and I'm as excited as ever, so thank you for being here with me and thank you, pre-emptively, for writing my assignment. I know that I'm going to love it and I know that, like a footprint on a sandy beach, I'm going to be delighted to find that anyone else knows and has written about one of my three fandoms at all. So thank you so much -- thank you for reading this entire TL;DR letter and thank you for all the toil and worry you put into my assignment, I promise that no matter what you write I'm going to be grateful and I'm going to be glad to have met you. Thank you and thank you again.

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