Mar. 31st, 2011

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 Dreamwidth ate like my entire post here.  I'm sort of speechless in horror.  Anyway, all this means is you're missing out on my complaining about how there's still lipstick on my arm.  Which there is.  Five days later.  Jesus.

Anyway, last night I was thinking about Yuletide and what I might want to sign up for this year -- shut up, I know I'm not the only one who does this at the end of March -- and I got to thinking, 1. wow, I've been at this for a while, 2. I wonder what I'd do if the challenge up and went away, 3. I wonder if there are any interesting patterns to be analyzed in seven years of Yuletide ficcing?  So I pulled out the ol' notebook and pen pencil pink highlighter and did some tabulation.  The results are kind of interesting.

I've done seven years of Yuletide; 2011 will be my eighth, knock on wood.  I first participated in 2004 and I last participated in 2010.  In this time I've written 9 fics: of which there are 7 assignments, 1 pinch hit, and 1 stocking stuffer.  (One of the assignments was swapped with a friend on a year where we both signed up for things that the other one could write better.  It turned out pretty well and the mods were cool about it.  Fun fact.)

The fandom split comes down to 4 books, 2 TV, 1 play, 1 comic, 1 game.  The pairing split comes down to 4 gen, 3 slash, and 2 het.  My lowest rating was G and my highest was R.  Breaking it down further, I have 7 male-narrated stories, 1 female-narrated story, and 1 with both a male narrator and a female narrator.  None of them pass the Bechdel.  7 are third-person, 1 is first-person, and 1 has a nontraditional format.

What can be gleaned from this?  Aside from that I can't think of much to do when I can't sleep?  Well, I don't know -- nine fics is not actually a very significant sample group, and it could be some of it is attributable to my signups, some of it to Yuletide, and some of it to randomness/other factors.  It'd be hard to see without pulling up all my signups, for one, and comparing, which I don't feel like doing and I don't think you feel like reading.  However, I was struck by 1. the book prevalence, 2. the gen prevalence, 3. the male character prevalence.

Putting on my amateur analyst's hat, and bearing in mind that there are only nine samples, I think it's hard to draw any conclusions overall -- however, I think there are valid things to be said about a. the prevalence of male characters in fandom/media in general, b. the m/m-centered social group of Yuletide, c. many/most Yuletide fandoms are literary, d. many/most of the Yuletide fandoms I sign up for are literary, e. many/most of the Yuletide fandoms I sign up have mostly male characters, and f. many/most of the Yuletide fandoms I sign up for are likely to be dominated by gen requests.

Food for thought, anyway.

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 So you know how I mentioned thinking about what I'm going to request for Yuletide this year?  And you know how I mentioned not being able to sleep last night?  And you know how I mentioned pink highlighter?

OKAY SO.  I wrote this list of general possible Yuletide requests I might want to put in when the challenge rolls around this winter -- look, stop looking at me like that, I'm always idly pondering it by this point, it's just this time I am admitting it on paper -- with pros and cons.  I do not expect anyone to give a half-baked shit other than myself.

How much is that Yuledoggie in the REALLY FAR AWAY window? )


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